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Gakuen Psycho-Pass Chapter 7 (English)

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“They must have realized, long before they had ever met, that this destiny awaited them.”

I actually forgot to include the credits page in the zip file I uploaded in Batoto in my half-asleep state last night orz

This chapter actually upset me when I first read it (I found little humor at the end), but I guess I got used to it over time. Just gotta remind yourself to distance this from the main series ;)

Please note that the download link will only be up for a month. Thank you for your understanding m(_ _)m

We just keep losing percentages on the poll. Where is everybody?
I am going to dedicate this whole day to vote constantly (while taking breaks, of course!) and it’d be cool if people would join me and do the same. Remember that we’re doing this for Bob to show him our appreciation and to give him more recognition. If he wins against Jensen it will be a huge deal. Don’t just reblog the posts about voting or scroll past them – vote, too! (even if you’re not particularly fond of polls)
Another important note: Do not stop voting if he is in the lead.
As Rothenberg said: Leading does not equal winning.  

Let’s vote and kick ass, fandom! Don’t give up yet. 



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he's just ... sitting there. he's completely silent && it's too awkward. it's easy to tell how uncomfortable percy is, && he knows for sure that jason's noticed too. the silence is unbearable, so finally percy manages to speak. his voice shows how obviously nervous he is, but about what? " uh, jason, there's something i wanna tell you. " he looks away for a moment, sighing to himself. why is he so nervous? " i -- i like you. a lot. i just w-wanted you to know, because -- uhm, yeah. s-sorry. "

okay. whatever he had been expecting–it was worse
than that. honestly, he’d–worried he’d done something
wrong. jason doesn’t like silence. not of this kind. he 
liked quiet, which wasn’t absolutely muted–just faded.
enough for him to think. silence? was a terrible blank
void that left too much room for nasty, worrisome little
thoughts that made him nervous. nervous enough to
panic about whatever it was he’d done.

   (and he doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong.)

      so to hear that, he has to wonder–what? what brought that
      on? he likes percy, too. he thought his friend had known that?
      stranger and stranger. maybe he had done something stupid.
      maybe it would be best to clear the water (no pun intended)
      before going to meet piper? but he doesn’t want to leave percy
      looking so–uncomfortable, and tense. there has to be something
      else at play, here. but what? jason can’t–put a finger on it——–

                `i–like you, too–?`

               `you’re one of my best friends, nerdface. what made you
                think otherwise. why are you apologizing, too.`

      he claps a hand to percy’s shoulder, as if warding off the
      nonsense thoughts that are making him spew this. he has
      about five minutes before piper turns up now, and he’s not 
      going anywhere til he gets to the bottom of—this.

  `for real, man. what brought this on? you trying to butter me
   up for something? because i don’t really have a lotta time—`

anonymous asked:

So in the Tumblr tag 2 they say they wouldn't make out at the radio station because it's unprofessional so what if the reason they don't come out and show affection is because they think it would be unprofessional since youtube is their profession but now that they have the fanbase they're going to come out soon <3

Ow. My. God. You’re doing things to my brain mate ;P But it actually sounds pretty logical!

Having a super happy positive day today and it couldn’t be more welcome considering the day I had yesterday and the week I had last week!

It’s wonderful weather here today and sun always makes me happy too :)

Listening to a bit of Megan Trainor this morning while I make an omelette with asparagus, chicken and a whole lot of other stuff before I go into town to soak up some sun! ^.^

What are you guys up to today? Hope you’re doing something that makes you happy!

Have a brilliant day lovelies! Xxxx

idk i keep listening to my recordings from yesterday and i’m so proud of the voice differentiation between alberta and yukon that i’ve got there it makes me so happy

my alberta voice is usually unedited and weirdly enough it’s closer to my natural speaking voice? sam is always telling me when i talk “you said that in your Alberta voice!” and i’m just like ‘what’ but it’s true, I put a lot of effort into my Yukon voice to make it sound higher pitched and different even though it’s easier for me to do than Alberta is- I feel like i put more effort into Alberta’s because I feel like it’s not terribly different from my normal voice in the end. xD;

I also tend to speak quickly and more naturally in my Alberta voice (because he thinks on his feet and never shuts up?) while Yukon always has a more laconic fewer-but-more-weighty-words style in my head so maybe that is another factor

idk why i am thinking about this i need to exercise and shower and vacuum and get rid of all this garbage


(fancam) 150414 Jeju K-Pop concert . - overdose (xiumin focus)

more m more |do not not re-upload.