Why is the rum gone? || RDJ and Keira

Keira had just made a new friend of Robert, she didn’t make friends easily but she was hoping that she was getting better at it. Putting on a pair of  jeans and a over sized cardigan with a plain top. Fussing with her hair for the last time she had locked up and headed over to his house. On the drive over she realized it would probably be best if she wouldn’t have driven but taken a cab instead  She found an unnamed  cd in the small little compartment, she put it in and realized it was one of the mixed cd’s her ex fiance gave her. Scoffing “fuck you” she tore it out and broke it in half leaving the shards on the floor. She pulled out another one popping it in she heard her friend’s Florence’s voice ring throughout the car saying “It’s always darkest before the dawn….” Smiling she knew it was true. Singing along to it she had finally reached his flat building 

Finding a space in the car park she glanced up at the cozy little building and smiled at the now appearing stars, she loved the night sky well she loved the sky in general. She had shot a text to Robert saying she was there, she wanted to make a good impression on him and so far he said she had.