You know, if other RDJ Sherlock Holmes fans would submit stuff to Baker Street Babes besides just me, we could potentially get more material posted on their great tumblr, which is seen by thousands of Sherlock Holmes fans of all stripes. It’s good PR – so let’s do it, folks!  I know there are terrific artists, gif-ers, thoughtful posters out there in the RDJ Holmes fandom!  As SH3 gets closer, we should all ramp up and post and submit. 

(P.S. Pay no attention to random Jude Law quotes - he’s just pining. He’ll be in the loop soon enough…)

If you find or know of great RDJ-SH art, drop a message to the artist and ask if they’d be willing to have their art posted on BSB.  AND you can submit a link, too, if you find a great post you’d like to share with the Holmesian community on Tumblr.  Just go to bakestreetbabes.tumblr.com/submit

Or JUST POST on Tumblr – your thoughts, your art, your gifs - with the right tags, we’ll see the posts and submit them!

Btw - let’s try to tag our stuff “RDJ Holmes” as well as “ritchieverse” (I give up - I hate that term, but people gonna use it…) and “Sherlock Holmes” and the actors’ names. Tags on original posts are so important - they are BRANDING for us!  I see so many RDJ Holmes original posts without ANY tags at all - which means people can’t find your post and it does little good for the fandom. Take a few extra seconds to tag! 

Sometimes I wonder why the fuck I am so obsessed with a 50 year old super eccentric douchebag who repeatedly challenges me to not be so judgemental and instead tolerate the fact that there are things I disapprove of. Which is a good thing, honestly, for my personal development. But anyway. Why am I still so obsessed with him? Why??