Top 10 girl group albums on Rdio (determined by plays)

1. Destiny’s Child - #1’s - 941,193
3. TLC - CrazySexyCool - 742,445
2. Destiny’s Child - Destiny Fullfilled - 446,660
4. Destiny’s Child - Writing’s On The Wall - 410,939
5. Destiny’s Child - Survivor - 363,441
6. TLC - 20 - 344,349
7. Little Mix - Salute (Deluxe) - 335,257
8. TLC - Fanmail - 296,195
9. The Pussycat Dolls - PCD - 280,860
10. Fifth Harmony - Reflection (Deluxe) - 236,546  

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Style Girlfriend for Wantering: “Stay Handsome” New York Fashion Week Playlist

And today the fashion shows start! Ready or not, the designers will be showing and the models will be strutting. Whether you’re one of the brave people that will be running around town to catch the shows and the fashionable people out in the streets, or a patient observer preferring to get NYFW news digitally, the lovely Megan of Style Girlfriend has prepared some awesome tracks to get you in a fashionable mood! Listen to her Stay Handsome NYFW Playlist in Rdio now, and enjoy some menswear-inspired street style shots below to get NYFW-ready!

(photos from Style Girlfriend (taken by James Nord), Tumblr: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8)

Last fall, we stopped in at Faultline Studios in San Francisco to record a live session for our friends over at Rdio. 

We’re really excited that the session has officially been released today! Check out the track listing below and head over to Rdio for an exclusive listen. Hope you guys enjoy!

1. Kennedy Curse
2. Run
3. F*cked Up Kids
4. Waiting For My Sun To Shine

Listen to the session here:http://www.rdio.com/artist/The_Maine/album/Rdio_Sessions/

Update, Part Deux: NPR Music’s Best Music Of 2013 On Spotify, Rdio

We’ve still got a few more year-end lists to publish before Dec. 31 (like, uh, your beloved Tumblr host’s favorite metal albums), but here’s a round-up of what we’ve done, so far, with links to Spotify and Rdio playlists. –Lars

Top 10 girl group albums on Rdio (determined by plays)

1. DC #1’s - 940,461
3. TLC - CrazySexyCool - 741,214
2. Destiny Fullfilled - 446,240
4. Writing’s On The Wall - 410,609
5. Survivor - 363,119
6. 20 - 343,841
7. Salute (Deluxe) - 334,886
8. Fanmail - 295,669
9. PCD - 280,525
10. Reflection (Deluxe) - 167,633 

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urbanebloc for Wantering: “Uptown Downtown” New York Fashion Week Playlist

Enjoying the sights of New York Fashion Week so far? While the talented designers are definitely showing exciting collections, you’re not limited to watching the shows and staring at post-show pictures for taking in the fashion week experience. Whether you’re in New York right now or someplace sunnier, turn the streets into your personal runway. To make things better, urbanebloc has made the perfect playlist for your stylish strutting! Listen to their Uptown Downtown NYFW Playlist in Rdio with your fellow fashionistas, and instantly turn your world into a fun, personal fashion show!

(photos from urbanebloc, Tumblr: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8)

Top 10 girl group albums on Rdio (determined by plays)

1. Destiny’s Child - #1’s - 943,923
3. TLC - CrazySexyCool - 746,563
2. Destiny’s Child - Destiny Fullfilled - 448,081
4. Destiny’s Child - Writing’s On The Wall - 412,183
5. Fifth Harmony - Reflection (Deluxe) - 395,575 (+3)
6. Destiny’s Child - Survivor - 364,702 (-1)
7. TLC - 20 - 345,861 (-1)
8. Little Mix - Salute (Deluxe) - 336,661 (-1)
9. TLC - Fanmail - 298,031
10. The Pussycat Dolls - PCD - 282,293

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The Marcy Stop for Wantering: “Brooklyn Beats” New York Fashion Week Playlist

With the combination of freezing temperatures and slush in the city, you’re gonna need a little more than your die-hard love for fashion to get you up and ready for New York Fashion Week. Music helps, and this Brooklyn Beats NYFW Playlist from style blog The Marcy Stop in Rdio is an effective cure. With the prominent deep bass in the tracks, you’ll be tapping your feet and dancing to the rhythm in no time. So turn up the bass, and put on your earphones or blast out these awesome tracks while getting pretty for fashion week. Not in New York at the moment? Listen to the playlist while catching up on NYC fashion and street style shots on the web. Start with some of our picks below!

(photos from The Marcy Stop, Pinterest, Tumblr: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8)

Are they gonna take away our music?

Frankly, it’s all rather obscure and arcane. But government policy makers and various players in the music industry are trying to update music copyright laws. These are the laws about who owns music, what can be done with it, how much radio and internet providers must pay when its played (royalties), what buyers can do with the music once they own it, etc. Essentially, these laws cover everything after a song is written and how we, the consumers, interact with it. And, unfortunately, we’re not talking much about these potentially seismic changes.

Here’s the back story. Songwriters are upset about how many folks cover their songs. And music industry groups like the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) are fuming because they don’t believe songwriters get paid enough from Internet radio like Pandora and streaming sites like rdio and Spotify. These groups feel like the current laws are too old and don’t work for the Internet age. And they want artists and writers to have a lot more control over when and how their work is available over the internet.

Look, I’m all for artists getting paid. But it’s been true for a long time that even with sales of CDs and records, artists and writers don’t get paid that much for their work and usually make most of their money through touring and sales of merchandise. The music industry has a long history of funny games with artists (think Motown). So actually I’m skeptical of the intentions of the music industry. They didn’t have the best response back when digital music first came around, and suddenly 80 year old grandmothers were getting sued for copyright infringement. Yes, many consumers illegally downloaded everything though this wasn’t the only reason that the music industry went into crisis. Many argue that Apple rescued the industry with iTunes—offering a convenient and legal platform for music. Now with streaming music like Soundcloud and rdio, it’s a whole different story. We’re consuming music left and right. It’s a feast and the promise of the internet where we have access to everything all the time. Even Apple sees this future and is getting into the game. Even when artists like Taylor Swift and Sam Smith keep their music away from streaming for a while, it still works out.

Now with this updating taking place, some of the proposals sound scary even if it’s a little opaque right now. And while nothing has been decided yet, it certainly sounds like your iTunes and your Spotify could be up for some major shakeups. I mean, it’s already annoying when songs come and go on Spotify. What is being proposed could make that process even worse, vastly more expensive and could potentially even kill streaming as a viable service. Awk.

Post by Matthew.

Top 10 girl group albums on Rdio (determined by plays)

1. Haim - Days Are Gone - 2,574,758
2. Destiny’s Child - #1’s - 945,353
3. TLC - CrazySexyCool - 748,900
4. Destiny’s Child - Destiny Fullfilled - 448,872
5. Fifth Harmony - Reflection (Deluxe) - 424,166
6. Destiny’s Child - Writing’s On The Wall - 412,900
7. Destiny’s Child - Survivor - 365,397
8. TLC - 20 - 346,581
9. Little Mix - Salute (Deluxe) - 337,490
10. TLC - Fanmail - 298,970

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