Guess who!

Long time no see tumblr. After 2 wonderful people taking time out to contact me, I thought I should stop feeling sorry for myself and get my arse back on here! (Thank you, truly.)

A lot has happened in the time I’ve been away! I see from my last post I was waiting for a home visit last. Well that never came to fruition, I cancelled my appointment and some wires got seriously crossed, the therapist thought I was kicking off and police were involved, thankfully the policeman had more brain cells than the 2 bit therapist and all was resolved quietly :)

Since then I’ve still been off meds since the Citalopram (Celexa) and Mirtazepine (Remeron) fiasco.

Now - A few weeks ago I got referred by my GP again, this time to the SPA Team (Single Point of Access Team). Their job is to assess you and decide if your needs warrant CMHT care (Community Mental Health Team) or can be dealt with by the general local ‘Psychological Therapies Team’.

I had my SPA assessment 2 weeks ago, Friday 7th October and my assessment put me in the ‘chronic’ category. That was a nice kick in the teeth I’ll say. So anyway, I got referred to the CMHT. I got a letter a few days ago with a form for me to fill out and sign, so I’m currently waiting for my ITT meeting (Introduction to Treatment). The waiting list is currently 6 - 8 weeks, however because I’m currently quite symptomatic they’ve said early - mid November is the time I’m looking at for a home visit.

After the ITT meeting I’ll be able to share my treatment plan with you as far as therapist/psych docs/meds etc etc. I’m expecting a long slow process, complete treatment overhaul. Whoo!!! < sarcasm.

I’m hoping to get back to posting regularly and can’t wait to get caught up with people :)

I’ll be posting my mood charts as before, although I may just take pictures of the actual paper, rather than do it on the pc, save me copying it out! I’ve recently started a daily mood journal too, so I’ll look into sharing that maybe…

My mood right now is on the up, so I think I’ll be able to get things rolling easily.

Glad to be back tumblr type people, hope I’m welcome!

Peace xo

James Bay is getting me through today. My CPN doesn’t answer my voice mails. Looks like I’m going this alone. Again.