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What’s up guys it’s RCUJay and and here’s my review for the anime Saint Young Men.

You know, that anime where Jesus and Buddha go on vacation together in Japan.

No,I’m serious.

Buddha and Jesus…

Anime Buddha and Anime Jesus….

Send Help.

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Who’s ready for summer?!!

…well, like…umm

you don’t really have a choice..

because it’s like…

currently happening?


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Where I show you how much of an anime wiz I am (not).

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Hey ya’ll!

It’s RCUJay with my first impression of the new Fall Anime, Meganebu!

I wear contacts but I tried my best to understand where Akira’s coming from….T.T

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Hey girl HEY!

Here is my review of the anime Midori Days

That show where the guys falls in love with his hand…..

Oh, don’t worry, it’s not weird, you see, his hand is a little girl.

Actually no, that still sounds weird.


Just watch it, you’ll understand

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Here’s my review of Brothers Conflict!

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HEY YA’LL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

In this episode of Ask Jay, I answer questions…

like I always do….



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Hey ya’ll! Here’s a video I  made celebrating my 500th subscribers:D

*plays Started From the Bottom at full volume*

I basically just answer frequently asked questions as well as talk about the Free! finale live stream I’m planning on doing:)

It was really hard finding a thumbnail where I was smiling and didn’t look like a ferret….

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In this video I become a master chef and teach you how to make your very own Super Mario Mushrooms Cupcakes!

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What’s up y’allllllllll~

It’s RCUJay and in today’s video I review the baseball anime ONE OUTS!

Have you ever watched Eyeshield 21? Doesn’t this guy in the thumbnail Hiruma?

That’s not relevant to anything, I just wanted you to agree with me.

so do it.

Anyway this anime is like a psychological ~thriller~ 

I don’t really like baseball, but I love this show!

And it’s by Shinobu Kaitani who is just flawlessssss!!!!


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Me being a nerd and trying to do a cosplay shoot~