askarashiselacs said:

*A green bird wearing a monocle walks up to Chuck* He-he-hello Mr Tre-treasure dog. Cou-could I Per-r-r-rchance ask you to go dis-distract Foxy. He's been skull-skull-skulking around the game room and I think-think-think he's after my tokens again

"A-arr?" clanks gently as he tilts his head to the side, his bad eye bobbing! "What’s he d-doing with to-o-okens??"

Well.. It’s almost (officially) Spring and I basically saw no snow this Winter.

This is so upsetting for me. And.. I’d been trying not to wish for it too much, in case I brought on some bad juju or something. But as Winter is coming to an end, officially, it makes me sad.. We’ve been having thunderstorms, rain, nasty tornadoes (hate ‘em). It’s pretty much mid-March. Easter is right around the corner. It’s supposed to be in the 80s all this week. It’s been pretty warm the past few days as well. So I’m sure any chance for it has passed.


Maybe next Winter. :/

And maybe I’m a weirdo, but I sometimes get a little blue admitting that Winter has passed and Spring/Summer is pretty much here.

In Georgia, Spring (temperatures) really only last a couple weeks, then we jump right into Summer heat.

Unlike a lot of people I know, Summer is my least favorite season. Hot!

Fall is my favorite. Winter probably comes in second. Spring, THEN Summer.


Just trying to prepare myself..

Gonna miss the cooler weather.

Computer Cleanse

I desperately need to clean out my computer. I’ve not done it in a long while and I’ve got all these pics/gifs that have accumulated. I’m not sure which ones I’ve already posted before so.. Just going to post what I have. I’m positive some may already be posted on my tumblr but. It’s not a big deal…. I’ll add, if you think it is, you need to calm yourself. ;)

Well, that happened...

What’s your most favorite thing to do right after getting out of the shower? With your clean legs and clothes..  and nice lotion on.. with your pretty, shiny, clean, soft & fluffy hair..

Is it to go outside into the rain and thunder and lightening to cover up your rabbits because you had no idea when you got into the shower that it was about to pour rain and storm outside? Is it to step in lots of muddy, grossness in your little flip-flops that you threw on so you could get out to your rabbits more quickly? Is it to get bitten a few times by the random (invisible) ants and bugs? Is it to battle GIANT ants that you didn’t even know existed out in your yard? Is it to have your massive American Bulldog-Golden Retriever jump up onto your fresh clean clothes only to nearly knock you over in your slippery flip-flops and put big muddy paw prints all over your clean & pretty shirt and shorts?

IS IT?!?!

:O It’s not?!

There must be something wrong with you….

Out at 1am on a Monday Night..

We’re such rebels! XP


Went to the mall with the brother. Had to exit from a completely different door into another parking lot entirely than we were parked in because they were closing up on us. Ended up walking around half the mall (outside) for like 20-30 minutes. I’m talking: up steep banks and through prickly pine shrubs in the rain. Good times. Finally we reach my brother’s truck where he says, “is it an illusion.. are we going to reach it only for it to disappear..” because he’s ‘tarded like that. But no, in fact, it was, indeed, really there.

We hop in and decide on a late movie. We hang out in the parking lot of the theater waiting for our movie time to roll around and hear a really ridiculous conversation about love being discussed by a couple of, most likely, 16 year old girls. Now, I’m not saying a 16 year old girl can’t know or doesn’t know what love is, obviously. I was there once, I realize. But these two girls lived in a *la-la-daydream-channing tatum is my boyfriend* land. 

One actually screamed out “I WANT TO BE IN LOVE”, to which the other replied “love is a tricky thing”. (We decided they’d just finished watching The Vow.) Silly girls.

So we watch our movie, get out and go to exit the theater. It’s 100% creepy. No one around. It’s the perfect setting for some zombie type flick. Then we drive around the mall (which is next to the theater) and our previous statements about the creepy movie setting was even more spot on. A creepy fog had fallen around the completely empty mall. Straight out of a zombie movie..

Then we made our way home, where we almost died while slipping and sliding on the road from the rain and my brother’s tendency to drive too fast. Mmk, maybe we didn’t almost die, I don’t know, I hope not, but it was touch and go, scary times.

That was my lovely evening. Hope yours was fabtabulous.