signs i'm becoming mindy lahiri
  • i have started leaving sharp objects in my bed by accident
  • i say ‘how dare you’ when someone says something about me that i disagree with
  • if someone criticizes me, my first instinct is to declare how hot i am
  • i, too, rock the piñata aesthetic (bright colors, full of candy, etc.)
  • my face lights up when the word ‘celebrity’ is mentioned
  • i am not at all above stealing cookies and scampering away
  • i respond well to butt grabs (when consensual, ofc)
  • i walk into my room w/out knowing if i’m a slob or if i’ve been robbed
  • i could really go for a bear claw right now

I think I’m having an existential crisis… 
I was cross-stitching it for two years. And then I finished it… well, nothing happened. But not only this. While I was working on this I had a constant thought “It would look better then I’ll finish it”. And now I have no such hope. It’s already finished and it’s surely wouldn’t get any better =\ 
And now I’m like “why did I even thought it was a good idea? why I was spending my time and money for this? nobody wanted or needed this except for me. and, at the end, even I don’t feel like it was the thing I wanted and needed”.
So I’m just sitting, looking at it and thinking “wait… so what was the point of all of this?”.