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What did the Arabs do? I've never heard of it?? :/

  • They’ve enslaved millions of Africans
  • They’ve raped thousands of African women
  • They’ve castrated thousands of African men
  • They’ve killed millions of Africans

They’ve made us “Afro-Arab (although I don’t like to be called Afro-Arab) hate ourselves…now internalised anti-blackness has manifested in us. Many “Afro-Arabs” in Africa and diaspora hate identifying as black and would rather be called Arab. So many of my Swahili family members think that they’re Arab and not black and that our Swahili culture is thanks to the Arabs

I’m a Congolese Swahili (my Swahili ancestors came from Zanzibar to Congo) and let me list a few things the Swahili-Arabs did in the Congo:

  1. Butchered Congolese men, women and children
  2. Rape Congolese women
  3. Stole from our land
  4. Enslaved us

The Massacre of the Manyuema Women at Nyangwe. Illustration from Livingstone 1874,2:opposite 133.

In 1871, David Livingstone spent five months stranded in a small village in the Congo called Nyangwe. He had run out of writing paper and had nearly run out of ink, so he improvised the materials for his diary by writing over an old copy of The Standard newspaper with ink made from the seeds of a local berry. On 15 July 1871, while still in Nyangwe, Livingstone witnessed a massacre of the local African population by Arab slave traders from Zanzibar. Some 400 or 500 Africans, the majority of them women, died in a single day – a scale of murder and death unprecedented in Livingstone’s experience. source