So I’ve noticed a distinct lack of Julian in my drawings… these next two posts should fix that!

My intent was fanart of RC12GN!Julian, who utterly defies my aversion to aging up the characters I like… I think what I pulled off instead was Freshman!Julian in his senior clothes. I tried making him taller, honest I did… :’(

Credit for RC12GN and this design in particular goes to Variou.

Daily Headcanon #29

Daily Headcanon #29 - January 29

Variou’s version of 12th Grade Julian is my headcanon of Julian as a senior, at least appearance-wise. It just makes sense that he would ramp up the goth look as much as he could as he got older. Though I do think he would’ve kept his signature top hat, just like he probably kept that infamous bow (it’s tying back his hair in the ponytail).

Personality-wise, however, I don’t see much difference between 9th Grade Julian and 12th Grade Julian. He may mellow out slightly (very slightly) as he matures, but I still see him as the same perky goth we all know and love. Plus him being a decent guy would provide a delicious contrast with his outrageous appearance.

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But um these are pretty much all the characters relationships/ general feelings about each other in a great big web.

So yeah I’ll go into these further and I can explain things if necessary

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And uh, just to tack onto the last one. What if after he graduates and the next kid has been the ninja for less than a month and that kid ends up getting killed in a fight and Randy has to live with feeling responsible for this kid’s death and possibly the deaths of many more as a result and then maybe “oh my god that could’ve been me”. °・(۶்▿்)۶

Based on something conanners said in a post earlier today hahaha

They’re supposed to be looking in a mirror so things are reversed so yeah (°-°人)

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