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Join us at SXSW 2014 for Soul + Gospel Showcase!  Some of your favorite artists and bands will take the stage.  It’s going to be the place to be March 9!


Check out my interview with RC Williams, a maestro with a natural talent for making music, and a professional musician from Dallas, TX.  RC & The Gritz will perform Sunday including music from their new project, Pay Your Tab,available now on iTunes.



Garage Gym Renovation

I began dreaming of my own training space many years ago but this Fall I realized that it was finally time to make my dream a reality by renovating our garage and turning it into my gym.  By the time this big project was completed, (February 2015) I could not believe how perfect my new gym felt to me.  It was what I had dreamed of but better!  Every time I walk down the steps a wave of…

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