i watched to ep6. how many ep? is that still continuing?
have such a long way to go…

Alternate Cartoon Titles

Penn Zero Part Time Hero: All of Your AUs are Canon

Gravity Falls: CONFIRMED!!! Wait, what do you mean by “another hiatus”? *cries

Steven Universe: My Dad screwed a rock and now i’m my own mother

Star vs. The Forces of Evil: It is very important that i am both cute and powerful

Phineas and Ferb: These kids could have been billionaires by now if they didn’t have such commitment issues

Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja: Follow this advice…. No. Not like that.

UK ninjafans: season 3 depends on you*

*at least that’s what it looks like right now


I know we’ve all been waiting for word on season 3 of Randy Cunningham, and yesterday, notnights posted an ask she sent to the 9thgradeninja blog:

Intrigued by this, I actually went to a few sources and found out that the UK premiere of season 2 is very close at hand. There are three big ways that need to be utilized right now to support the show as it premieres in the UK.


The most important thing you can do right now is to watch the season premiere and the upcoming new episodes. According to my source the season premiere is this Thursday, June 4th, at 4:30pm. This means that UK fans with access to Disney XD need to tune in like nobody’s business to support the show; the fate of the world’s supply of fresh smokebombs may very well depend on it.

The first two episodes of the season will be running at the same time (the second is at 4:45). Additionally, the premiere, both episodes, will air again at 7:00am Friday, June 5 and Saturday, June 6, and an hour later than the aforementioned times on Disney XD +1 (channel number details below). Please watch not only the premiere on Thursday, but also the repeats of the premiere on Friday and Saturday morning if you can. This is a really important and really crucial time to support the show, as, if the ask above is any indication, it’ll play a big factor in whether or not the show gets another season.


As much as new episodes are important, repeats also grab ratings! Randy Cunningham‘s season 1 episodes air nightly at 10pm on Disney XD as well, and if you’re up that late, you should definitely support the show further by watching those. Additionally, watching the re-airings of the premiere is also important as mentioned above. In addition to all that, Disney XD +1 will be airing these episodes an hour later, so if you have that channel, watch those airings as well, as they’ll help contribute to the ratings for the show in general. There’s six ways ‘til Sunday to support this show just through airings alone, and I suggest you use all of them in supporting Randy Cunningham and fighting for season 3!


If you can’t watch the episodes for one reason or another, at the very least visit the UK RC9GN website and play around on there or buy the show on iTunes (UK link). In addition to that, if you’re not in the UK, support the show through your various local outlets, including watching the show on your local version of Disney XD (or Disney Channel, in the event that DXD is not in your market). Even though the UK is the big pressure point right now, we need to keep the momentum backed up with a global effort to support the show and tell Disney that everyone wants a third season.


Anyway, this is a big time to support our favorite ninja, especially if you live in the UK! I remind you guys to do everything you can right now to keep up the pace and help Randy Cunningham’s ratings and popularity grow stronger.

Below are the channel numbers you will need to know to watch Disney XD in the UK (and Ireland, in the case of Sky; an additional note for Irish viewers is at the bottom). Remember to stay strong, ninjafans, and keep fighting for season 3! Smokebomb!



Disney XD

Sky 622 (with HD service*) / 607 (with SD service only*)
Virgin 707
YouView (BT, TalkTalk, or Plusnet) 482
Wightfibre 111

Disney XD HD

Sky 607 (HD service only*)

Disney XD +1

Sky 608
Virgin 708

*Sky switches the HD and SD channel numbers for customers with HD service so that the HD service has the more prominent channel number. If you’re in doubt, just tune in to channel 607 for your best bet. Sky channel 622, the HD channel for SD service customers, leads to a slide offering for you to upgrade to HD.

Irish viewers, Disney XD is not available on UPC.