honestly i don’t care if Red Band Society is inaccurate and unrealistic. i knew social justice bloggers would attack the show at one point, lol. anyway, i’m quoting another blog here, it’s not like the mayo clinic tried to make a show. like I said, it can be innacurate, but I like how the show portrays just because you have a serious illness doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy your life, one way or another. sure, hospitals probably aren’t like that, but it’s not a documentary. i don’t see how it’s “romanticizing” (excuse my spelling if its incorrect) injuries/illnesses. actually, call me dense, but i think it’s representing somewhat of a minority (the children in the hospital) and raising awareness, since we usually don’t think, or at least I don’t, about the specific things children can face that can put them in that situation, and that life isn’t over if something happens to you (like with Kara). as I said, it may be unrealistic, but what’s the fun of it being completely realistic? i know injuries and illnesses are serious, but that doesn’t mean you can’t at least show people not moping around when they have them. heck, hetalia has various serious things in history, and doesn’t portray them 100% accurately, and I don’t see anyone flipping out! and I know you don’t think very deeply while in a coma, but honestly, I really like how parts of the show are through that point of view, because it’s just a new perspective. give me hate for this, but tbh tumblr is offended by literally everything so release the kraken and disagree with me because this is my opinion and it doesn’t matter to tumblrers because I don’t fit into 23 different obscure minorities. thank you and goodnight