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Maybe this is a bit of an odd or difficult request but do you know of any fics where endearments or pet names are a running theme or take a main part? I was thinking a bit like Oscillate Wildly by suntipped on AO3. I know this is probably a hard fill and it's completely fine if you can't come up with anything!! But please have a massive thanks in advance if you can answer this! And thank you for this blog by the way.

Love Spells, Tarts and Other Food-Related Endearments by Mamalaz
Arthur on a love potion was always a nightmare but Arthur on a love potion that actually bewitched him to be in love with Merlin was about a hundred times worse to deal with. Mainly because it really wasn’t a hardship for Merlin at all.

Darling by Violette_Royale
Darling, Arthur calls him.

Breathless by tracy7307
When Merlin is ill and has an asthma attack, Arthur helps him to breathe again.

Slip by Thursday_Next
This is the point where Merlin’s supposed to say ‘how do you like my Halloween costume’ or ‘hey, I got that part in that play’. But he doesn’t. He doesn’t, and the implications of that wash over Arthur like a wave of heat.

Baby Boy by solostsobroken
Arthur has called Merlin his “baby boy” ever since they were toddlers. Merlin never really questioned it. It was simply the way things were. But when a new kid named Gwaine arrives and stirs things up, Merlin finally learns that the name has a deeper meaning than he originally thought…

Love is an expression by helloearthlings
Arthur’s brow wrinkled as he gave Merlin a look that wouldn’t have been out of place back in Camelot after Merlin called him a clotpole, or a dollophead, and fuck, Merlin had just called him love, hadn’t he?

And For You I Bloom by Deminos
Merlin is a doctor-in-training serving under Gaius. He’s content with his life, never thinking that he would cross paths with anything remotely close to romantic love. That is, until he meets Lord Arthur Pendragon. Then the longing and sheer attraction that Merlin feels begins to fester within his chest like a persistent weed and he’s sure that Arthur feels the same way, even if he doesn’t show it. They fall in love, one flower at a time.

Little Falcon series by surrenderdammit
Series of related stories about the romantic relationship between Always-a-girl!Merlin and Arthur. It’s completely AU and plotless; mostly porn and fluff. Set in Camelot.

I stepped out of time and landed in your lap by surrenderdammit
Suddenly he remembers how young Merlin looked in their bed, how he trembled and how he blushes. How he’s dressed in those old rags of his servant days that he hasn’t seen in bloody years. Groaning, Arthur ends the kiss and leans his forehead against Merlin’s. “Please don’t tell me I’ve been sent back in time and took you to bed like a brute.”

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"There is always hope, I think, in Merlin’s eyes, despite what fate may imply and what destiny is supposed to be. But… There’s always hope. And you can always change things if things mean so much to you or friends mean so much to you, or you’ve got so much, whatever, love in your heart, that you can overcome the impossible. And he’s put in a pretty impossible situation. And it’s his belief, it’s his belief in a dream that he’s always wanted to come true, and it’s his belief in a kingdom that he’s always wanted to live in and the idea that for once he can be whoever he wants to be. Which is himself.”

- Colin Morgan [x] -

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