January Rec List: FAME!

Once upon a time, we had a request for famous!Arthur and tv themed fics. We decided to take it one step further and compile a masterlist of fics dealing with FAME. From a famous Arthur to a famous Merlin to fics based on various shows, we hope you find something you like. Happy reading!

Art by chrssc

TV Show Contestants and Hosts



Both are Famous

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Watching season 1 of Merlin and my fiance goes

'So…Morgana has a bit of a crush on Merlin. Gwen has a bit of a crush on Merlin. And bloody hell Arthurs already in love with the bloke'.

Merthur feels got ya down?

In many ancient civilizations (Greek, Roman, Macedonian, etc.), homosexuality was widely accepted and practiced among deployed soldiers, and it was common practice for men of ruling or significant families to be paired with another young man when they reached puberty, allowing them to explore their burgeoning sexuality without the risk of illegitimate heirs.

King Arthur is a legendary figure of the late 5th and early 6th centuries, directly overlaying the fall of the Roman Empire in Britain.