ANYWAY, I was going to start off my last blog post by saying, “Gosh it seems like time is flying…” and then all of that came out of nowhere! That’s okay. A little math never hurt anyone. 

Yes, time is going by quickly. My job at Country Outfitter/Acumen Brands Inc., is still going strong. Sam is in the heat of football season as a Razorback, and Miss Arkansas USA 2015 is right around the corner. I couldn’t be more excited for this year. I have my goals set high and I’m reaching hard & working my butt off to get where I need to go in life. I know that for Miss Arkansas USA, win or lose I will do just fine in life, and that’s the honest truth. However, I see myself winning and winning and winning - not just at the pageant, but at everything that comes after that - Miss USA, modeling career, and maybe even acting career. I could even see myself going into the fashion industry with a merchandising & styling career, and starting my own business soon after. It’s a huge opportunity and I’m doing everything I can. I’ll be scared in the moment, but I know that a deeper sense of direction and confidence will show through. I’ve done all of the necessary preparation, and then some. Now I’ll be praying for a sense of calm and that extra bit of poise. I know I’ve got big plans ahead of me. It’s the “trusting that God is in control” part that I now need to focus on.