In the world of Asturia, every mage has their own ‘personal spell’ that they were born knowing—along with a ‘name’. That spell is specially suited to them and can thus only be used by them. Of course, the words might be different, but the magic involved is the same. Not everyone is born a mage for that matter, and those with the Gift are born less frequently than in times long ago. The number has been rising though, and those who are aware of this fact feel that it’s because a time of crisis is soon to come—and that they will be needed.

The world is supported by the World Tree, which, with each succession of gods, is reborn. When the time comes that the Tree is beginning to wither, a new god is born to bring forth a time of prosperity to the world. From the remainders of the old Tree, a new one is born to grow alongside the new god as he observes the world.

An old legend once spoke of how Asturia had been created by the gods to test its inhabitants on their ability to overcome written Fate. The gods would send down Records to observe those who had the potential to overcome the fate the gods themselves decreed… That legend has been forgotten over the years, as well as the existence of the gods and the Tree.

Thus, it came as a surprise to the current god when a girl in the prime of her youth came from out of nowhere to pluck a certain sapling of importance out of the ground. 


Doodles from my mini sketchbook! It’s a small one that I usually carry somewhere like my purse or my backpack for when a full-sized sketchbook is more cumbersome. So here’s a Sayaka, Raz, and a Viveka headshot. I drew Sayaka from memory so part of her skirt’s missing…

aw yiss



Barack Obama \o/


And certain Monets over on dA. You guys, stop–

I’m probably gonna redo Raz’s to sound more like her QvQ….andmaybeasaresponsetosomeone 


Anyhoo, late on the sketchavember meme, but here’s day 4~

1st year Raz and Lakyen 

yeaaaaa art block vaguely over so here’s round 2 with the video attempt let’s see how long this’ll last haha what is perspective but aaaah much better than

….though I am quite fond of that stayawayfrommecreep face hmm

Azu Beats Project (lolfaaack) Can’t remember ever really drawing Raz in the Azu uniform;; Probably’ll erase that vest because more blue doesn’t seem to work. |D;

Had an old set of Teahouser’s I was gonna draw but then I wanted to include a few other people so…20 total? Will be done with this….when? //ming

In order of disappearance:

  1. Reisei+Holy(or Draco for double dragon duo?)
  2. Nyx
  3. Yuki+Lendys
  4. Nick
  5. Setto
  6. Puri
  7. Lian
  8. Ebo
  9. Neku+Taiga
  10. Luka
  11. Fereinn
  12. Ivory
  13. Viveka
  14. Snow
  15. Arthur
  16. Luci
  17. Raz

We didn’t choose the thug ilife. 
The thug life chose us. 

Saw this on this on my dash and I couldn’t help it.

To me, Azureus will always be the most ‘weeabo’ house in all of AoH. But in a good way. Idk- when I think of the Azureus house, I think of delinquents (or just really weird and wonderful students), yakuza, sailor uniforms, kimonos and the teahouse. It just fits haha. I also remember all the chivalrous Azuspirit fighting for one goal. We never did win the house award, always placing second, but it was always a lot of fun and I enjoyed every minute of it. Wait- where did this suddenly come from?