i watched the first episode of that new three musketeers show and i liked it !!! but i am literally so sad the minute d’Artagnan and Athos met i was already frothing at the mouth over the D/C au possibilities oh god

just imagine Dean seeking out a man named Castiel for revenge thinking he was the one who killed his father but Castiel was actually framed and then duels and swords and muskets and intrigue and hot hats!!!!


rayyyyyyyyyyy replied to your post: here’s what i find interesting: there’s a number…

thats the supernatural fandom, that’s all I see, the “famous” bloggers are the worst…someone said they hated bella last night, some random girl said she hated bella, and then a bunch of people started hating on her, its really sad.

wow. and so i get why people would get turned off the fandom. either that, or you kinda just muddle through those obnoxious people and do your own thing.

that’s not to say there aren’t some really nice fans who deserve to be tumblr famous. 

but there’s just way too many who are just plain old dicks.