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Raytrace Mixtape - TRX-01 1978-2000

There isn’t really a connection or theme to this mixtape, basically they’re all songs I really, really like… 

VSTs used on this mix: 

JB Red Phatt Pro 

JB Ferrox 

Toneboosters Compressor 

Nebula 3 Reverb 

UAD Realverb Pro 

TC Powercore X5 

UAD Cambridge EQ 

OtiumFX Basslane 

As usual, I TRY not to brickwall the fuck out of it, so do play LOUD if you get the chance :D

Download available here:


Track List:

1. Cerrone - Supernature 00:00
2. Space - Magic Fly 08:07
3. The Prodigy - Android 12:08
4. St. Etienne - Like A Motorway (David Holmes Mix) 17:17 
5. Green Velvet - Flash 27:22
6. Lemon 8 - Model 8 (Lemon 8 Remix) 33:55
7. MIke Dearborn - An Acid Memory 41:10
8. The Stone Roses - Made Of Stone (808 State Remix) 44:38
9. X-101 - Sonic Destroyer 49:26
10. Beltram - My Sound 52:52
11. Scubadevils - Celestial Symphony 55:16

(As I now have finally gotten an ‘Unlimited’ Soundcloud account, I have space to re-upload this :).)

/////909 DAY

…//::Raytrace - 909 Tribute::\…

As today is 09/09 I am reposting the tribute I made last year to my favourite drum machine - The Roland TR-909:

From Underground Resistance to Hardfloor to D-Jax to Gabba, the 909 kick is THE heavy kick with that aggressive punch and attack. For me it’s always been the 909. Even before I knew what it was, when I look back at the electronic songs I loved, most had that distinctive kick. 

I have made a 2 minute approx track of just 909 drum sounds. As I have yet to own a real one, I have used the Goldbaby Tape 909 Refill for Reason, using the ‘909tape’ recordings. Also used a fair bit are Scream 4, The Echo, Softube Saturation Knob and Softube’s 1176/FET Compressor.





(image from Wikipedia Commons)

A mix ranging from 107 to 137 bpm:
1. Happy Mondays - WFL (Vince Clarke Mix)
2. The Shamen - You, Me & Everything
3. Josh Wink - Higher State Of Consciousness
4. Holy Noise - The Noise
5. DJ Hell - My Definition Of House Music
6. Fuse Vs LFO - Loop
7. The Shamen - Synergy
8. N-Joi - Mindflux
9. Robert Armani - Circus Bells (Hardfloor Mix)
10. SL2 - Aftershock
11. Dave Clarke - Red 2 (Wisdom To The Wise)

(includes clips from Stakker Humanoid)

…//::Raytrace - Colony Drop (Snip 7)::\…

The new acidline is Audiorealism Bassline for Reason (Rack Extension). I really like it’s sound and it is REALLY good fun to hook it up to the Matrix Pattern Sequencer in Reason and indeed The Echo (Delay Unit).

(I’m guessing a fair few people that follow this tumblr will recognise what the name and image refers too :) )


The Horrorist - I Stand With You

(Track Raytrace shall be remixing)

#horrorist #thingstocome #raytrace #ebm

This is a track off The Horrorist’s great new album ’Joyless Pleasure’. It’s out on Beatport, iTunes and Amazon (as MP3 and CD). I really like the album, it retains the darkness and ominous restrained intent/aggression feeling, which is a signature mood of his stuff. 

What I am VERY happy to say is that I have been given the honour of remixing this here track, and received the stems/.wav’s today, I have about 2 months to do it in, so I better get to work as I’m a bit of a slowcoach (to put it mildly) :). 

Anyway, thank you very much to Mr Horrorist, his was one of the first blogs I ended up reading ( http://www.wiretotheear.com/ ) after searching for audio-making info when I first decided to make sounds out of my PC (and possibly eventually upload them somewhere). I liked how he was definitely from a ‘dark’ EBM/Industrial (and indeed Gabba) type background, which I would relate to more than a strictly 'dance’/house/'clubby’ type of audio blog. He also sent me an invite for the original Soundcloud BETA which was cool, Soundcloud is definitely a major factor in keeping me interested in making stuff - timed comments are just brilliant (no matter how much spam seems to come through Soundcloud these days :/ ).

Gabri (Richter) is also another person who has been very helpful to me and supportive when we have our chats using fb chat, so thank you to him too.