raysorad replied to your postSo I work at a plus-size women’s clothing store….

People really do get out of hand with that whole body image stuff. EVERYONE is beautiful and what makes a real women is not the size of her body. That guy was just being a prick also what’s the name of the store and can I get a discount? lmao

Lol, girl, the number one thing my company fires people for is misusing their employee discount, I’m not trying to lose this job. And yeah, like a lot needs to be done with regards to body acceptance that I’m not even in a position to speak on, but the whole “real women this, and real women that” shit needs to stop.

Surprisingly, I didn’t know Nina Simone’s birthday is on the same day as mine. 

Today this beautiful and inspirational woman turns 81 years old.
Today I turn 26 and I could only dream of being half as great as she was. 

Happy Birthday Nina Simone.


From when I went to Afropunk 2012.
I’m going this summer too, even if no one wants
to go with me lol.