Spotted eagle rays often leave craters in the sand as they submerse their large heads and excavate buried prey. They dig up clams and larger individuals will even occasionally crack through a conch.

Eagle Rays do not have typical teeth; instead they have hardened dental plates in the upper and lower jaws, which they use for grinding and crushing mollusc shells.

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by Aleksandra Bartnicka

It was a clear day in Raja Ampat’s Misool area. We were diving the famous Magic Mountain, a manta cleaning station. We were lucky that day, with mantas cruising up and down the ridge. This manta was heading straight at me, and I braced myself for the photo opportunity. In the last minute it changed its course and swam straight up, toward the surface. I had to quickly change the settings to adjust for the new level of light, and I managed to get this photo, the most graceful pose of this magical creature.