I wanted to try mimicking my own art style in real life. I create drawings of angry and brutal looking woman. These women, these girls are to to make men, to make you, uncomfortable, to destroy and replace the images of women looking away from the viewer to fall subject to “The Gaze”. I will draw women Gazing at you, we are the Gaze now. 

Do NOT remove my comments, and DO NOT reblog onto porn blogs. This is my art, treat it with respect. 



Thanks to the contribution of over 70 beautiful amazing queer and trans individuals, I was able to complete my BFA senior show! Due to time restraints I was only able to complete 25 portraits, however it is my goal to draw everyone who emailed me for Art Prize 2014! If you see your face on the wall, I will be emailing you a version of your portrait in the coming month or so. I have to get a new job, graduate, and move into a new house by the 26th, so I’m sort of busy lately! 

The show was beautiful, and I had a lot of people who were very interested and excited about the project, and I hope to continue expanding it. I know I made a bunch of people uncomfortable with it, which is always fun. 

Again, I can’t thank you enough for taking the time and courage to email me and help me with the project, it was a huge success thanks to all of you! 


- Rayne

(p.s if you are not part of the project you can commission me for a portrait in this style!)