If there was one thing that endlessly bugged Rayeh, it was being almost like a chaperone to her friends that were in a relationship. Always the extra wheel on the bus, she sat back in movies with her own popcorn and her feet propped up on the chair in front of her or she didn’t have to suffer with having to share a dessert at a restaurant. This time was no different, and she ignored the pity glances she received from the works at the movie theater that saw she was the only single one in a big group of couples. Rolling her eyes, she parted from them to stand in another line to get her usual popcorn and drink.

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[ throws all my feelings out the window ] Sky with Jared and Rayeh. Thanks friend!

Our Characters Stargazing

Like so many nights, they were the last two awake. And so when they had finally pulled over, instead of waking the rest of the group up, Jared pulled Rayeh onto the top of their shitty little RV and sprawled out across it with their hoodies as pillows. “Oh come on, tell me you never did this at home.” He mused as he searched out all of his favorite constellations. Her head right next to his, she scoffed and swatted at his shoulder. “You doof, I’m from the city. The closest I got to stars was a camping trip with the school. And even then I refused to get out of the tent.” He let out a faux sigh. “Such a recluse.” He teased before he glanced at her.

“You really sure you want to do this whole tour? Like the whole thing? That’s giving up your family for a year easy.” He asked. Watching her as she contemplated her answer, she shrugged. “You’re away from your family too you know.” She mused, turning her head to look at him. His features softened and he let out a click of his tongue before looking back up. “This is my family. The band. The roadies. My merch girl.” He added, looking at her from the corner of his eye. She let out a sigh before leaning in to kiss his cheek. Blinking a few times, he glanced back at her. “I’m not performing til’ tomorrow night, there was no need for good luck on that.” Another snort was heard before she reached a hand up to play with the fluff on top of his head. “That wasn’t about luck, goofball. That was just because.” Another bright smile lit his features before he leaned his head on hers and went back to gazing. Then a hand reached up to find hers, lacing their fingers together. “Just because.”


Rayeh (in one verse) is the mercy girl for Jared’s band. The two are pretty close, as she’s always on the road with them and she’s supported them 100%. The band often teases them - in spite of one of the band member’s crush on her (as written in a thread between the two) - that they’re a couple. Instead of having to call them their names separately, the band started referring to the pair as “Rayed.” Jared and Rayeh have taken it lightly and even taken to add to the joke. Now, whenever they’re referred to as “Rayed,” the two take out sunglasses and put them on. In perfect unison (after many times of having to do it), they say to their friends: “Too hot for you.” Rayeh tends to add to it by sticking her tongue out at them as well, as per usual to her playful, almost childish attitude.
This head canon is based off the idea that Rayeh is involved in Jared’s (anti-herosoulsx‘s wonderful ghost boy) life prior to his death.

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Rayeh rolled her eyes when he spoke, a smile finding her lips when she figured he was just joking. “Oh, come on. The rule was it has to be a truthful secret.” She teased, taking a sip from her bottle of beer with a small laugh. “B’sides you told me that was about your girlfriend when you wrote it… What was her name again? Kyla? I don’t know.”

Rayeh sat, drinking her orange juice as she tried to calm her nerves after speaking to her “donor father.” The two were not on good terms - mostly because of her own feelings against him - but he had contacted her anyways. With her straw between her lips, sipping casually at the drink, her eyes followed her friend as they entered the stop. She tensed when she saw them; it happened more often than not that she was a disaster when her nerves were so high. She looked at them as they sat next to her and gave her a smile, but she remained silent and looked straight ahead again.

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Which of your muses is your favorite?

That’s like asking which is my favorite book! Oh geeze… As of right now, I would have to say Mac or Rayeh. Ray’s kind of a selfish choice at the moment because I’m still in pain over Rayeh and Jared’s thread. Mac is, again, a selfish choice. I’m deeply in love with Kathryn Prescott as an FC and those of you that know who Zach and Maggie are know that I’m pretty much always going to find a way to use her. By far my favorite female FC because of how small and versatile she is. Okay yeah. I love Ray and Mac.