On Saturday my family including myself and a co-worker will start our 10 day detox then continuing for 4 months as raw vegans. Yes, you read it correct…Lol! After years of consuming DEAD FOOD (which are foods that are cooked I’m unhealthy and basically my body, skin, hair, organs, limbs, joints, brain, metabolism and energy need a change WE NEED TO RE-BOOST, revamp and become new again lol so in the next 4 months I will cleanse my colon, liver, kidney and blood, also shed these unwanted pounds through eating only raw veggies, fruits whole and by juicing, drink smoothies and water ONLY and also….exercise. Oh so what is dead food???? Well, once you cook food it looses ALL of it’s nutritional benefit rendering it “Dead” so in order to reap the full benefits of veggies and fruits you have to consume/eat them raw!!! So I’m committing to a #RawVeganChallenge who would care to join me???? Any takers lol….

Day #21 Raw Vegan Challenge

It is day #21 of the Raw Vegan Challenge. I have been very busy and have not had much time to wind down. Today I have my sister-in-laws bridal shower, tomorrow I have my uncles birthday, I also have to do shopping and prepare a meal plan for this week. I feel exhausted but at the same time being raw has given me WAY more energy then I have had before. I hope to get, shopping, the gym and tanning in today and I hope I can do it all.

I did purchase a few raw vegan recipe books and I think I’m going to try to attend as many cooking classes as I can at the Green Boheme, I want to learn as much as I can so I can be confident in the kitchen.

I talked to my honey and we have decided that this may be a permanent lifestyle change for us. We might eat cooked once in awhile, but I do think that we will stick to this. It’s seems a bit hard to go back to a vegan diet once we have tried the raw vegan diet, and have learned the science and benefits of being raw. - A