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Hey, could you recommend some other blogs along the same line as yours- aka vegetarian/vegan, relatively low budget/ college accessible, with good clean food. Anything with quick how tos would also be mega appreciated as I'm still new to all of this!

I answered this a while ago here, but I have some new favorites too! Here’s an updated list of my favorite blogs:

Not all of these blogs are vegetarian/vegan, but a lot of them will still post veggie recipes, or I just really like their cooking style and find it inspires a lot of my own cooking.

Just made raw Cashew Vanilla Banana Ice Cream. Ingredients: 2 cups raw cashews
1 cup filtered water
3 large really ripe organic bananas
¼ cup agave or ‶Just Like Sugar″ or organic maple syrup
1 Tbsp natural vanilla extract
pinch of Celtic sea salt.

Throw it all in a blender and blend until the desired smoothness is achieved. Freeze it and enjoy!
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Baked sweet potato with peppered tomatoes, and whole grain rotini with garlic kale pesto, sprinkled with pumpkin seeds! These ingredients are excellent for your skin

A New Thought

I learned about your love


It was in every word I heard

and all the things I would say

And I used to think that

made me full.

Then why do I hunger

as before?

Sometimes they’d talk about you

I would too

I used to think that I

really knew you

Until the day you made me

about-face you

Why do I hunger as before?

I’m dry as a desert

I need you to call

I thought if I ran you’d

be at the end of it all.

I thought if I traveled

to the end of the blue

I’d forget what they’d told

me about you.

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Seaweed rolls with baked sweet potatoes, avocado, and steamed Swiss chard.

*Try roasting eggplant with a teriyaki marinade, it’s delicious! better then fish!

Dont forget we make whole Raw Cakes for any occasion as well. Treat your Mom this weekend or anyome else you feel like makimg happy with this #Raw Chocolate ,Lemon or Green Tea flavor. Can also be topped of with a message and or garnish decore.
Stop by or call the bakery today and place an order.

Feel Good Desserts
Vegan 🐰 GF 🌾 Boutique Bakery 🎂
Nominated Nationwide Best Cookie Company
Serving Cold Pressed Juice
Organic Coffee
2355 Tapo St #12 Simi Valley CA feelgooddesserts.com
Also find us in Health Food Stores Feelgooddesserts.com / storelocator

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A look at my babies! Words can’t express how happy this makes me. There was a time when I couldn’t keep anything alive.

Now the relationship to food, healing and even being able to grow some of it is a sacred thing to me. 13 herbs going strong in the house! My fiancé and I talk to them, mist & prune them 😂🌿🍃🌱😍


Una miradita a las hierbas frescas que estoy creciendo en casa.

usando hierbas frescas es una de las mejores maneras de cosechar sus beneficios medicinal y dar le mucho sabor a los platos naturalmente.

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