DAY 3 of coconut water fast. Feeling great! Give thanks to mother moon for the guidance. Give thanks to myself for having the guts to do this! If I didn't take this risk in life I would never have known how truly capable the human body is when you allow it to detoxify. I have never felt more focused, balanced, in tune and empowered. All I have put into my body is a few glasses of fresh coconut water and water. It has become aware to me that this machine of ours needs a break from food as It never really gets a chance to break down what is already digesting with in our system. We have a bad habit of putting meal on top of meal without allowing proper digestion to occur. Let alone the toxic ingredients in the food! If we give ourselves some respect and be patient with this temple it will be able to function at a optimum level and provide us with emotional stability, physical endurance, weight loss, polarity and nourishment etc. Is that not what we all crave for when we realise how full of disease we are? Why not desire this before illness takes over and makes our lives an up hill battle!! Detox! Detox!! DETOX!!! xxxMB

This Full moon I will be doing a three day detox fast over the three day cycle. I find this to be a great way to gain personal reflection and insight into my whole being. The clarity that is gained from a fast is often life changing and a great starting point to create new goals. The gravitational flow of the moon motivates not only the earth’s oceans and rivers, but also our own bodily fluids,

 thus motivating the body and supporting this process.

When we allow the body to detox from alcohol, refined sugars, coffee and processed food etc, the system is allowed to rest and have a chance to breakdown the toxicity that is preventing quality digestion and the absorption of nutrients.

If you are dealing with sluggish energy, digestion issues, acne, emotional turmoil, these are clear signs that your body is crying out for  HELP!

If you saw my video I talked about how fasting was the first path that I took and it really changed my life for the better. I have been on a successful path since then and the benefits have been true life changing. :)

Is there anyone that would like to join me? I will be a available as support to anyone who is interested in exploring this realm. I will also be able to provide a beginners detox programme to support you.

much love,

MB xx

The miracle juice that is carrot. The highest form of vitamin A, any other juice. full of calcium, phosphorous, iron,sodium, potassium, vit B complex & vit A . I have one of these nearly everyday and I can see how my complexion has transformed and over all well being. Sometimes i add granny smith apples also. This has 2 apples and 4 carrots! I then make my dogs food with the left over pilth. It could be also used for cakes if ur a sweet tooth