Marvel Fanfare # 45 ~ the All PinUp Issue!
(Part 3 of 4)
-the Original X-Men by Marshall Rogers
-the Rawhide Kid by Alan Weiss
-the Scarlet Witch by Sandy Plunkett
-Shadowcat/Kitty Pryde by Michael William Kaluta
-Spider-Man by Klaus Janson
-Storm by Barry Windsor-Smith
-Namor the Submariner by Mike Mignola
-Thor by Walt Simonson
-Wolverine by Howard Chaykin
-Clea by Steve Leialoha

Jack Kirby Photographed in the Marvel Offices, 1966

Along with this other shot, the above photograph of Kirby is a rare glimpse of the Marvel offices of the 1960s. It includes many Marvel Comics (or cover proofs of about-to-be-published Marvel Comics) cover-dated in June and July 1966. (Again, the cover dates of comics at the time were roughly three months ahead of the publication date.) 

It’s possible that the other photograph, of Kirby with original art for Tales of Suspense #76 (cover date April 1966) was taken at a later date than that prop would suggest, and that he’s simply pretending, for the camera, to work on a finished-long-ago  inventory page. (Why would he be coming into the office in a suit to touch up the inks on a cover?)

Maybe they were taken on the same day?