etsyfindoftheday 1 | 5.27.15

rockin’ raw gem finds by naturalglam

do yourself a favor and check out ALL of naturalglam’s rad jewelry and accessory styles … you will be delighted to find unique and colorful raw gem pieces that range from minimal to downright bohemian … and i love ‘em all.


FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 2 | 5.29.15

rustic gemstone and talisman necklaces by xuanqirabbit

  • raw blue kyanite and hammered brass semi-circle pendant
  • hand-aged upcycled bullet pendants - pyrite, sunstone, or canine tooth

whether your aesthetic is ethereal-boho or rustic-indie, xuanqirabbit’s got a long and trendy necklace find for you. the top listing is for a kyanite gemstone piece surrounded by hammered brass, and the bottom is a series of bullet-and-talisman pendants that are hand-aged – you get to choose from pyrite, sunstone, or a coyote tooth. RADICAL.


Meet the new stone that I’m working with: Angelite. This is a beautiful, light blue stone. It is one of the birthstones of the Aquarius zodiac sign. As one of the stones of Aquarius, it helps the wearer to live, speak and understand their truth.  It helps to connect the wearer with the angelic realm and facilitates angelic contact. It is also perceived to enhance perception, telepathic communication and out-of-body experiences. It is said that, two people who wish to stay connected telepathically while physically apart can each carry a piece of Angelite. It encourages compassion, and acceptance of things that cannot be changed.

As an Aquarius myself, I am particularly drawn to this stone. It is truly beautiful. The wonderful baby blue colour is calming and soothing. I will incorporate soft lines, silver wiring, and lots of curlicues to cradle the stone’s soft and almost magical presence.  

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Available for US$9.50 on www.sightstone.storenvy.com

Citrine is a stone with bright energy which lights up many aspects of life. It has energies of good fortune and good luck, and enhances mental clarity, confidence, will power, creativity and honesty. 

❃ Wire wrapped in non tarnish silver artistic wire
❃ Chain is silver plated steel
❃ Available in two chain lengths: throat and heart 

The measurement of the stone is approx. 2,5 × 1,5 cm.

Raw opal necklace I just bought.

~Stone of inspiration, imagination, and creativity
~Brings happy dreams
~Eases the process of change
~Amplifies and clarifies emotions
~Increased visualization, spontaneity, psychic vision
~Lessens inhibitions
~Strengthens will to live
~Balances human psyche
~Programmable with magic and intentions
~Powerful manifestation stone


Hey guys. A lot of people dont know this but I craft wire jewelry and solid rings as well as witching pendents. These are my stones. The polished/cut stones include lab created ruby, polished river stone, aquamarine and peridot. The raws include emerald, amethyst, lapis, smokey quarts, obsidian and peridot. The pink stone is just pretty calcite (most likely). I can polish them. I REALLY need money so I’m to be taking jewelry commissions (custom), or selling the stones themselves to be set/admired. Please contact me if you’re interested.

PLEASE consider buying from me. These stones mean a lot and they all contain my positive energies. I’m desperate enough for money to sell them.

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