I’m so proud of Dolph ziggler because he has been from the bottom to the top and everywhere in between. Day in and out he goes out there and puts on a great match no matter who it’s with and most of the time he gets no credit for it. This is his moment and I couldn’t be more happier


"I Quit" Match:
Ken Shamrock Vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin
WWF Raw [October 26th, 1998]

The Corporation came together in late 1998 to help rid the WWF of Stone Cold Steve Austin. Despite the efforts of Vince McMahon to make Austin’s life hell, Austin persevered and actually turned the plan on its ass, making McMahon’s life more difficult instead. One week earlier, Austin had kidnapped McMahon and held him hostage with a gun- one that later in the night, ejected a flag that said “Bang 3:16” after McMahon pissed his pants! Week later, McMahon pits Austin in a match against The World’s Most Dangerous Man, Ken Shamrock, in a match Shamrock can seemingly never lose: an “I Quit” match!