Every so often I try to share a raw vs edit image, to show people that it is a large part of what I do. a lot of people have this vendetta against photoshop, and understandably so, but even in the beginning of photography, there was 2 parts, the shooting, and then the processing in the dark room, both are opportunities to experiment and be unique, and in the digital age, photoshop is the dark room. And on the beauty standard note of this topic, photoshop is not the problem, the problem is dishonesty about its use. Go ahead and use it, enjoy it, experiment! but if we are as honest about photoshop as we are about make-up, the photography world would be a better place.


Haru instagram update!

Video: “Baby Haru”.

2liters of juicy/smoothie goodness ! Green grapes, pineapple, kale juice blended with young coconut water and bananas ❤️ 🙏 🍌🍍🍇 p.s. For people that didn’t quite understood - I have been vegan for about 6months, but 2 months ago I went raw vegan which means only raw plant food that has not been cooked/heated over 40-45 degrees Celsius ! I get all that I need for my body and even more than I ever had ! 💛 💚 #raw