Hola people of tumblr.  This is a bit, well quite a bit, old news now.  I finshed a second Roomie octopi. This ones name is Henri.  That is the only thing I have finished.  However I am about halfway through knitting the heel of my sock, or I was till I accidentally snapped a stitch.  So now I haven’t moved it for fear of ruining it.  I may have to accept that I have to frog the whole heel and start it anew.  Oh well I have asked Ravelry for advice.  Well specifically my Badger cete, as I am currently a Hufflepuff for the first time in the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup on Ravelry.  Third term ( a set of three consecutive months) playing, though my terms have been rather spaced out, but my first term as a Hufflepuff, I was previously a Slytherin, and in truth I was hoping to be in Ravenclaw this time. But Hufflepuff seems very welcoming and I’m sure I\ll have fun.