This is the seed I play on the most. You spawn in grassland, absolutely surrounded by animals and trees. There is also a cave nearby that holds pretty much all you need to survive: coal, iron, gold, red stone and eventually diamonds. The rest of the map gives a good dose of each biome, and is practically infected with caves, ravines and tunnels, so supplies are plentiful. 

In my experience of playing this seed, I’ve found a great number of dungeons and ravines and a hell of a lot of sugarcanes and other coolstuffs. Also - PUMPKIN PATCHES!!!!!!!!

Seed: -2566120579021300357

Useful coordinates: 

Cave near spawn:

  • x: 220.3, z: 72.5

Massive open ravine:

  • x: 361.5, z: -272.1
  • x: 434.3, z: -570.6

NPC Village:

  • x: 725.6, z: 196.3 


  • x: -520.2, y: 30.6, z: -322.7 (note: there is a cave spider spawner literally round the next corner)


  • x: -554, y: 17.6, z: -314.4

Dungeon (buried):

  • x: 748.3, y: 56.6, z: 364.4

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This song was written to share a painful experience, but it was also written for every person listening. Anyone who has ever felt hurt, betrayed, depressed, angry or alone.

If you have ever struggled with depression, anxiety, other mental illness, self harm, divorce, bullying, a death in the family, someone you love leaving you, someone you trust lying to you, or not being accepted for who you are, we want you to listen to this song. We want you to know that it is okay to hurt, and that you will make it through the tough times. 

It’s okay to hurt.

Stay strong, and never give up.