Today in Health, we had a class discussion about the whole entire Trayvon Martin situation. There has been an ‘eye witness’ come out to say that Zimmerman was attacked before Trayvon died. Zimmerman was acting in self defense. Trayvon broke Zimmerman’s before I lose your respect or attention. I believe 100% Zimmerman should be on death row. I broke nose in trade for a dead 17 year old half his size and age, not fair. At all. Not only that, Zimmerman was found to call Trayvon a ‘fucking coon’ which is totally way unnecessary. I also think Trayvon was acting in self defense. They didn’t say that Trayvon didn’t attack AFTER Zimmerman pulled out a gun. Also, Trayvon could have been attacked first or acted upon being followed. I don’t blame him. Fuck George Zimmerman. That’s all I have to say.

Okay, I seen on the news ‘Did Trayvon Marting attack before death.’

If someone was following me, I’d attack too.

Did George Zimmerman shoot an unarmed innocent black boy who hasn’t even had a chance to live?

Hell the fuck yeah.

& today we we’re in class and this kid said:

"I can’t say that Mr. Zimmerman is guilty because I have questions I need answers to, why was Trayvon in that neighbor?"

Someone said he lives there and then he said:

"I can’t tell you I know he doesn’t live there."

Okay Jesus, tell us he doesn’t live there.

I am just so aggravated right now.