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I had a psychology professor once who was started the year off by presenting the syllabus using memes and he had a full beard and I internally just "oh no." He turned out to be one of the most rad feminists and animal rights activists I'd met and frequently talked about open minded subjects. So idk I just I'm just saying some neck beards are okay so don't get to scared when you see one???? Like obviously look for Dorito dust and be diligent but here's a nice neckbeard example #notallneckbeards

im quite hungover and this was a nice message to receive this morning #notallneckbeards

Trying to find different ways to style the new designs for my upcoming shoot. The bottom skirt is a 1xl (I’m usually a 2xl) so it was shorter than I’m used to so I decided to play with my @dominodollhouse petty coat. A good option for gals that are not super comfortable in short skirts this summer. The crop is also an XL which fit fantastic even with my giant boobs! Can’t wait to shoot and get this new chapter rolling. (Belt is from Metropark) #fatshion #psfashion #plussizefashion #fashiondesigner #ravens #textiledesign #croptop #skaterskirt #twitlove

“Trying to take Jacobs title.But its gonna be hard”

Entries must be reviewed 100x more before casting final vote. But. Tom LEATHERDADDY Hardy LIPSYNCING TO GREASE IS THE WORD may be the most glorious thing ever recorded. #boysofleather #leathermenAlert

Check the entire Ravens’ lip sync battle @tomhardydotorg and vote your favorite.

oomf I love them all.

Video 1 (Jake - Sexy Eyes
Video 2 (Jake - Color Me Badd
Video 3 (Jake - Sex Machine)
Video 4 (Jake - Roxanne)
Video 5 (Jake - Bump N Grind
Video 6 (Paul and Tom - Bobby Schmurda)
Video 7 (Jake - Figaro
Video 8 (Jake - Cypress Hill
Video 9 (Tom - I Will Always Love You)
Video 10 (Tom and Paul - Annie
Video 11 (Tom - Superstitious)
Video 12 (Paul - Marvin)  
Video 13 (Tom - Beegees
Video 14 (Tom - Grease) 
Video 15 (Jake - Beyonce
Video 16 (Tom - Mercury
Video 17 (Jake and Tom - C.R.E.A.M.)
Video 18 (Tom - Action Bronson)
Video 19 (Jake - Cowboy) 

video via dotorg. Krillion thanks to Tom & thdo