Best package ever!

Let me tell you a little story about this company.
So I was recently, as of ~500 miles ago, a loyal Saucony customer. Since I started running I was fitted in Sauconys and just stuck with them as I had no reason to change. My last pair of kicks I decided to change things; needed to spice things up a bit. Decided to roll with Brooks. As a Seattle area based company I couldn’t resist. I was fitted into Ravenna 2s perfectly. Ran my first marathon in them and kept on runnin’ although I have switched on and off between the Ravennas and my Saucony Tangents at least until I bought my next pair of Brooks. Hence the 300-500 miles. I’ve just just under 300 miles on the current pair but have run a couple hundred in between on the Sauconys. 

I don’t want to give too many specifics other than the necessary props. Basically I had a problem with the shoe and wanted to give Brooks some feedback in case it was a reoccurring problem as I would be sticking with the same model for the next purchase. I was promptly contacted by Alex at Brooks who compared my feedback with pictures to a like (new) pair. He came back and said it looks as though I was right, bad pair, and oh by the way, what’s your address, I’m going to send you this pair!!! 

I’ll say I completely didn’t expect that as I’ve ran ~300 miles in this current pair. So, yeah, this package arrived today, my new pair of Ravenna 2’s, compliments of Brooks. Unreal!

THAT, folks, is precisely what I call ‘Housekeeping’. Taking care of the people. They’ve earned a customer for life and I will pimp the product to everyone I who’ll listen. Time to hit the road!