It upsets me how kids now a days will never understand or see the real Teen Titans.

They worked as a team and were generally concerned for one another. They were misfits who met my chance when Starfire crashed into earth and they all banned together and formed a team for the good of the earth.

Starfire was a shit ton smarter than the new show makes her seem. In the new show they make her seem just plain clueless about everything. Although that is true about somethings, she was pretty intelligent.

Starfire and Robin were in love. It wasn’t just him loving her. In fact she was the one to show it most of the time. She got jealous and followed him to make sure nothing happened. When Robin got kissed my Kitten it broke Starfire a little and shocked her into fighting Kitten. Robin most of the time hid his feeling so he could concentrate on saving the world.

Raven was terrified of hurting the Titians. She saw them as her dear friends and even though she was moody sometimes and didn’t quite go along with Beast Boy’s loudness she never hated him. There were a few times where she even confided in him and showed her appreciation for him.

Terra wasn’t always bad. She was kind but scared. She was in love with Beast Boy and he was the best thing that had happened to her. He believed in her when no one else did. She always cared for him and it was mutual. She wasn’t bad. She was just an innocent girl who was in a bad situation but saved everyone by sacrificing herself.

Cyborg wasn’t just an annoying jack ass who didn’t really do anything and just yelled all of the time. He did like to party but he knew when it was time to be serious and when he wanted to make someone smile. He was like a lot of teenage guys. Someone who loves to joke around but also knows when to play other emotions too.
It’s sad that this is something people will never know.