Last night at my event with Gayle, two separate Tumblr users came through the signing line and told me they wanted to participate more in the Raven Cycle fandom on Tumblr, but that they were afraid to because of all the negativity.

It was a terrible moment, I confess: to know at the same time that your series has a fandom and to find out that it is defined by toxicity. Also terrible: to be asked to solve it. The fact is that the Raven Cycle fandom doesn’t include me; I tried this before, and it doesn’t work. I know it’s complicated because I am on Tumblr as me, and also because I sometimes wander through the tags like an ambivalent Santa Claus, liking fan art or whatnot. But I’m still a separate entity. Even if my thoughts on the books are used in fandom discussions, it’s a one way street; I’m not going to pull those issues onto my Tumblr to discuss. Like I said: tried it, didn’t work.

So I cannot fix the fandom’s mental state.

However, I will say this from my position of Santa Claus, with some knowledge of the fandom: there are corners of the TRC fandom for whatever you want to discuss, and for whatever you believe about the books, and for whichever characters you love or hate. There is absolutely no need to engage with someone of an opposing position if you don’t want to, and there is positively no need to troll. You know where’s a great place to be a troll? Youtube. Reddit. Your grandmother’s dinner table. Your blog is your own business, but the world would be a more friendly and vivid place if folks asked themselves “is this toxic?” before aggressively baiting people in the main tag or wandering on to someone else’s blog to lurk in their untagged posts.

It is a pretty divided fandom: people have strong opinions. But I would hope that it can be a place where readers can feel free to talk about these opinions without being told they are stupid, wrong, uninformed or problematic. Free to find others who share their discussion style, if not their opinions. Free to connect, because that’s the point.

The absolute worst thing about this — aside from fielding questions at events BECAUSE GREAT NOW THIS HAS ESCAPED THE INTERNET — are the messages I get here from LGBT readers who say they want to talk about the sexuality in the books and how it reflects their own path to sexuality, but feel like they’ll be told their interpretation is flat-out wrong … and thus that their own path to sexuality is wrong. I have so many of these messages. So many voices that are afraid to speak up, on a social platform that is supposed to be about being able to whisper and shout and rage and celebrate the varied ways you learn to be you. Guys, no. Of all of the things to shut down, please don’t shut down these conversations.

And finally: me. You know those disclaimers that say ‘all opinions on this blog belong to me and do not represent my company’ or whatever? As the creator, I have my own interpretation of these novels. It’s very specific, very unchanging, and very mine. Readers might not interpret the series the same way I do, but if you’re coming to my Tumblr, that’s how I’m going to talk about them. If you don’t like it, the same rules apply as above: find a different corner of the fandom. I promise you there is someone out there who agrees with you. But also, please don’t fill my inbox with asks meant to get an answer that you’ll then use to bait someone else. I’m really happy to talk about the stuff in the books. I’m less interested in being used as a match in a gasoline-slick of a fandom.

The 100 Survival of the Fittest Recap - S02E10
  • <somewhere in the woods>
  • Grounder Bellamy:whatever I say in the next three minutes is irrelevant
  • Grounder Bellamy:cuz look at how sexy I am in this fur
  • Grounder Bellamy:just look at me
  • Grounder Bellamy:look how sexy I am
  • <camp fun>
  • Kane:I'm really excited about our alliance.
  • Indra:I'm not.
  • Kane:I'm glad to hear you're also excited.
  • Indra:...
  • Kane:what about you, good 'ol buddy Jaha?
  • Jaha:...I'm unhappy.
  • Kane:...
  • Kane:I'm so glad everyone's as excited as I am.
  • Kane:this is gonna be great.
  • Kane:life is great.
  • Kane:I am great.
  • <dark halls>
  • Kane:quiet down, everyone.
  • Everyone:...
  • Everyone:...but no one was-
  • Kane:thank you. I appreciate the silence.
  • Kane:Sky Crew, Tree Crew... who's ready to kick some ass?
  • Grounder:me
  • Grounder:I'm ready to kick Murphy's ass
  • Murphy:??
  • Grounder:because he didn't stop those bullets with the power of his mind
  • Grounder:how dare he not be God.
  • Murphy:...
  • Murphy:once again, all I came out here for was to have a good time and I'm honestly feeling so attacked right now.
  • <awesome theme song>
  • <swimming pool dungeon>
  • Quint:roid rage.
  • Quint:my name is roid rage.
  • <team Bellamy>
  • Bellamy:Lincoln tell me about your drug use
  • Lincoln:I'd rather not
  • <team Clarke>
  • Roid Rage:I feel validated by attacking young women when they're alone
  • Roid Rage:I am the true alpha
  • <Sky/Tree Crew>
  • Octavia:so...
  • Octavia:those guys...
  • Kane:yes?
  • Octavia:...
  • Octavia:we're just gonna let them... kill each other?
  • Kane:yes.
  • Octavia:...
  • Octavia:but-
  • Kane:SHH.
  • Kane:first rule about fight club
  • Kane:don't talk about fight club
  • <team Clarke>
  • Clarke:Byrne, are you alright??
  • Clarke:...get it?
  • Clarke:...alRIGHT?
  • Clarke:cuz your right arm's missing?
  • Clarke:...:D
  • Clarke:jk I'm fucking terrified right now
  • <Sky/Tree Crew>
  • Murphy:why did I have to get stuck on Jaha duty
  • Murphy:jfc
  • <team Clarke>
  • Clarke:oh look
  • Clarke:someone with more roid rage than the first guy
  • Clarke:go figure
  • <team Jaha, which no one's on>
  • Jaha:man, why does everyone hate me
  • Jaha:I only killed all their parents
  • Jaha:no big deal
  • <team Bellamy>
  • Bellamy:I just keep getting sexier and sexier
  • <team Jaha>
  • Murphy:you gonna be long, man?
  • Jaha:...
  • Jaha:how well did you know my son?
  • Murphy:uh..
  • Murphy:well..
  • Murphy:he kinda died in the first week, so not well.
  • Murphy:I didn't know Wells well
  • Murphy:Wells well
  • Jaha:...
  • Murphy:good name choice
  • Murphy:but bad beard choice
  • Murphy:plz shave
  • <night fight club>
  • Octavia:plz let me join fight club
  • Indra:uhh
  • Indra:how bout no
  • <team Clarke>
  • Lexa:why did you save me?
  • Clarke:because we can't have any more men in control
  • Clarke:like jfc
  • <gorilla roars>
  • Lexa:Clarke?
  • Clarke:yeah?
  • Lexa:this is not the end
  • Clarke:...
  • Clarke:uhh
  • Clarke:I think it is
  • Clarke:we're about to be eaten
  • Lexa:nono
  • Lexa:you misunderstand
  • Lexa:this
  • is the end for our
  • bodies
  • Lexa:but not our spirits
  • Lexa:our spirits will live
  • Clarke:...
  • Clarke:...
  • Clarke:...
  • Clarke:yeah no
  • Clarke:fuck that
  • <fight club first aid center>
  • Indra:Octavia, you may suck at fighting
  • Indra:but your spirit is chill
  • Indra:so plz be my apprentice
  • Octavia:...
  • <team Jaha>
  • Murphy:if I don't get off Jaha duty soon I will join Finn in hell
  • <team Bellamy>
  • Bellamy:Lincoln no
  • Bellamy:drugz r bad
  • <Sky/Tree Crew>
  • Indra:here's food
  • Kane:omg ty <3
  • Kane:I love this alliance <3
  • Kane:I love everyone <3
  • Kane:also Octavia plz spy on them for me I don't trust them
  • <team Jaha>
  • Jaha:let's go to the city of light
  • Murphy:...
  • Murphy:uhh...
  • Murphy:that might be a metaphor for death...
  • Murphy:but okay. I'm in.
  • <team Clarke>
  • Clarke:my bro Bellamy will save us all
  • Bellamy:damn right
  • <team Bellamy>
  • Lincoln:yay drugz
  • Bellamy:sry can't hear you over the sound of me being naked

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