The Raven | Graphite on paper

Death makes angels of us all

and gives us wings

where we had shoulders

smooth as raven´s claws

- Jim Morrison

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30 Day teen Titans Challenge

Day 15: Favorite quote from any character; Starfire

No price is ever too high when it comes to doing what is right.”

adamineparrish said:

Dear maggie, do you mind doing a RBIII character playlist like the previous two playlists for the raven cycle? LOVE YOU.

Do you guys actually want this giant thing? Surely not.

I’ve been asked a bunch of times, but I’ve put it off because I didn’t have time to link to everything. Here it is, no links. Remember, if you like any of these: PLEASE BUY THEM FROM THE ARTIST AND SUPPORT A HAPPY MUSICAL WORLD.


"Eshkemet" - Djivan Gasparyan

"Arcadia" - Ramona Lisa

"Coattails" - Brood

 “ ‘Til Infinity” – IYES

“City of Sin” – Linus Young

"Dance Bear" – Snakadaktal (also Gansey)

“Fire Breather” – Laurel (also Gansey)


“Ya Hey” – Vampire Weekend

“The Wrote & the Writ” – Johnny Flynn

“Lit from Underneath” – Andrew Bird

“Let Me In” – Snowmine (also Blue)

“Muzik” – Knoc-turn’al

“For You” – Wolf Rider

“Round and Round” – Imagine Dragons

“Come Along” – Vicci Martinez & Cee Lo Green (also Blue)

“Hello Sweet World” – Gangs of Ballet (also Adam)

“Post Script” - (also Adam) - Typhoon

“Open Arms” - (also Adam)


“Blackout” – Breathe Carolina

“Troublemaker feat. Flo Rida” – Olly Murs

“Overdose (Ghost Loft Remix” – Little Daylight

“Mirror” – Robots Don’t Sleep

“Make it Home” – Ronan (also Gansey)

“Imeacht” - Iarla Ó Lionáird

“Take Me To Church” – Hozier

“You’re the One I Want” – Lo-Fang

“Artifice” – S O H N

“Cups” – Anna Kendrick (also Adam)

“Eden” – Ben Khan (also Adam)

“Pressure” – Until the Ribbon Breaks (also Adam)


“Sick Cycle Carousel” - Lifehouse

“Time of Dark” – Tune-yards

“Deeper Devastation” – Jesca Hoop

“Mirage” – ceo

“Apply” – Glasser

“End of Time” – CocoRosie

“Obedear” – Purity Ring

“Don’t Wake Me” – Robots Don’t Sleep

“New York City” – (also Noah)

“The World You Want” – Switchfoot

“Wherever This Goes” – The Fray (also Blue and Noah)


“Mt. Constitution” – The Lonely Forest

“The Thick and the Thin” – Imaginary Future (also Gansey and Adam)


“Yell it Out!” – the derevolutions

“Gimme Some” – POWERS


“Bound” – Indiana


“Blue Eyes Blind” – ZZ Ward


“To Let Myself Go” – Ane Brun

“Anne Dreams of Her Childhood” – Trevor Morris


“Turn Away” – Beck

“Neon Never Changes” – The Lonely Forest

“Ghost Lights” - Woodkid

“The Gilded Hand” – Radical Face

“Out of the Darkness” – Matthew and the Atlas

“Hero” – Elizaveta

“The Hours” - Farao

“Dark Days” – Hugo

“Leap” – Zoe Keating

 “Dance for me Wallis” – Abel Korzeniowski

“Tokka” – Agnes Obel

“Solomon Vandy” – James Newton Howard & Pete Anthony

“My Own Heart” – Trevor Morris

“Clairvoyant” – Two Steps from Hell

“Mural” – Randy Newman

“Being Patient/ Beifong’s Sacrifice” – Jeremy Zuckerman

“Dragon Age 2” – Inon Zur

“Blue Shoes (Broga Gorma)” – Colm Mac Con Iomaire

“Deliverance” – Brian Tyler

“John’s Walk” – Jamin Winans

“The Rooks” – Rosie May

The Raven III

I was never insane except upon occasions when my heart was touched.

Edgar Allan Poe

T-Shirt design by Christian Klute

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I have a few asks in my inbox about if I have ever drawn Luke & Dee from the Books of Faerie, or Sean & Puck from the Scorpio Races.

I generally make art alongside whatever project I’m working on — here’s the Raven Boys, The Scorpio Races, Shiver, two pieces from a short I did called The October Coat, and then, some Lament/ Ballad pieces, one of them unfinished (which seems metaphorically appropriate for that series.)


Raven Shirt IV

Designed by Christian Klute

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Model: The lovely Triz Täss

Photo: Fledermausland Photoaction


Thick-billed Raven - Corvus crassirostris

The Thick-billed Raven, Corvus crassirostris (Corvidae) is a very large and distinctive looking African Crow. Along with the Common ravens, they have the distinction of being the largest of the Passeriformes, measuring 60 - 64 cm in length.

The two more distinctive features of this species are the white patch on the nape and neck, and its large, thickened, deeply curved and white-tipped bill, which has deep nasal grooves.

This beautiful crow can be found in the so called Horn of Africa, in Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan and Ethiopia.

References: [1]

Photo credit: [Top: ©Nicola Destefano | Locality: Ethiopia, 2011] - [Bottom: ©Andrew Luyten | Locality: Semen Gondar, Amhara, Ethiopia, 2010]