Mini Roundup: Horror Icons

Halloween is creeping upon us, and I’m in the mood for some slasher/horror movies! Here’s a mini roundup of some horror icons you might recognize, plus a bonus of some paid patterns you can get!

1. Pennywise the Dancing Clown by Kerstin Batz
 (Stephen King’s IT)
Photo © Kerstin Batz


2. Pinhead Pincushion by Dawn Hamlin (Clive Barker’s Hellraiser)
Photo © knitloaf


3. Sam Hain by Anna Novitzky (Trick ‘r Treat)
Photo © Anna Novitzky


4. Billy by Kerstin Batz (Saw franchise)
Photo © Kerstin Batz


5. Freddy Krueger Ornament by Amy Blevins (Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street)
Photo © Amy Blevins


6. Jason Voorhees Amigurumi by Tiffany Wilson (Friday the 13th)
Price: $5.00
Photo © Tiffany Wilson


7. Scream or Scary Movie by Sabrina Boscolo (aka Ghostface)
Price: €2.50 EUR
Photo by samarara 


8. Hannibal Lecter Inspired Amigurumi by Melissa Prange
Price: $3.50
Photo © Melissa Prange


DIY Crochet Frog and Goldfish Large Coin Purses’ Pattern from Laura Sutcliffe on Ravelry. $3.52 per pattern and Ravelry is a signup site with lots of free and pay patterns. First seen on inspiration & realisation’s FB page. Friendly Note to Make/craftzine: When you credit a blog on Tumblr, credit the original poster and not the reblogger (I credit your blog if I saw a DIY there first). It’s really easy to find the original Tumblr poster.

For more unique crochet DIYs go here: and for 9 Kinit and Crochet Baby Animal Free Patterns from Ravelry go here.

Rav: Leftovers Cowl by Wendy Johnson


“This is the perfect project to use up those many small odds and ends of sock yarn you have collected over the years. Or a perfect excuse for buying multiple mini-skeins of fingering weight yarn!

This project is designed as a cowl, starting with a provisional cast-on and knit in the round so you can graft the beginning stitches to the end stitches to make a perfect tube. You could also make a scarf, binding off each end separately.

The cowl takes 1300 yards in Color A and 1300 yards in Color B. The cowl shown used 650 grams of left over sock and fingering weight wool and wool blend yarn in many, many different colors. ”

  1. Trust me.
  2. Go to this page.
  3. Hit “Buy it now”.
  4. Click to add a coupon.

You’re welcome.

Expires March 21.

Edit: these are not my patterns, these are by Patti Waters, who is super excited about getting married!

UPDATE: All of her patterns are free, but due to the fact that thousands of people were putting in requests for all 48 at one time (and causing stress to the servers), Casey (Ravelry web guy) has changed the download process. You now have to add each pattern individually. Still free until the 21st, though!