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"This isn’t the Harlem shake." #partyanimal #rav3

Random Ass Vocab 3

uncomfortable: 앉기 불편한

I beg you: 난 니가 드릴게요.

carefully: 신중하게

It’s my fault: 내 잘못이야.

to blame: 지우다

to explain: 설명하다

unfortunately: 불행하게도

staring: 쳐다봐

loyalty: 충성

slave: 노예

date (like calendar date): 며칠

to ask: 청하다

to answer: 대답하다

to connect: 연결하다

wings: 날개

tumor: 종양

to pray/beg/borrow: 빌다

lunch: 점심

spoon: 숟가락

hungry: 굶주린

moon: 위성

realize: 실현하다

to pity: 불쌍히 생각하다

helpless: 무력

to cooperate: 협력하다

headache: 두통

migraine: 편두통

destiny: 운명

Cosplay line up!

I finally hav3 it figur3d out so I thought id post it~
Tyl3r comic con:
On3 day (purrobubbly Saturday)- starfir3 (most lik3ly mal3)
On3 day (purrobably Sunday)- trickst3r!n3p3ta
Furiday morning- B33kigu!mituna
Furiday 3v3ning- cronus
Saturday morning- mindfang (in a cors3t~)
Saturday aft3rnoon- fancyd3rs3!n3p3ta
Rav3- march 3ridan
Sunday- f3m!jr3cto!john

And y3s I’m making th3 majority of th3m mys3lf, so much to do! DDX I might start posting purrogress pics so be warn3d~