Khoobsurat Look Test | Sonam Kapoor, Fawad Khan, Kirron Kher & Ratna Pathak

Ratna Pathak to play her Mother’s character

Ratna Pathak to play her Mother’s character

We all know the upcoming film starring Sonam Kapoor, Khoobsurat is a much awaited release. The film is a remake of 1980s classic Khubsoorat starring bollywood diva Rekha. The cult romantic comedy film was a big hit and was a Hrishikesh Mukherjee film and now Sonam Kapoor is playing the character of Rekha in the film. Veteran actress Dina Pathakplayed the role of Rakesh Roshan’s mother and the…

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  • Maya:Good morning, Sahil.
  • Sahil:Good morning, mum.
  • Maya:Office jaane ke liye tayyar?
  • Sahil:Ji, mum.
  • Maya:Have a nice day.
  • Maya:Good morning, Monisha.
  • Monisha:Good morning, mummyji.
  • Maya:TV dekhne ke liye tayyar?
  • Monisha:...
  • Maya:Have a... day?
  • I’m watching some really shit show on Indian Tv that’s hosted by Sahil from Sarabhai vs Sarabhai.
  • only watching this episode because RATNA PATHAK & SATISH SHAH ARE GUESTS TODAY! Monisha is coming later on in the episode & Sahil is hosting it soo…
  • awww he just called them mummy papa
  • Ratna Pathak is still acting like Maya HAHAHAHA
  • Rosesh isn’t here
  • awww they’re like ‘we’re missing a part of us’
  • rip Rosesh
  • HAHAHAHHA Satish Shah is singing a parody of some old hindi song and made it into a funeral song HAHAHAHAHAHA
  • this is like the antakshari episode all over again!
  • Ratna Pathak just said she’s directing a musical or something
  • omg hahahaha Maya is BACK TO BEING THE BOSS HAHAHAHA. wow, I can’t even.
  • She mentioned 'Monisha’s middle classness’ omg omg wow.
  • It’s like watching a sarabhai episode
  • she’s telling everyone how to recognise middle class HAHAHA so 'maya’
  • who remembers her 'monisha, that’s terribly middle class’
  • the end.
  • wow this show sucks so much - thank the sarabhais for making 10 minutes bearable.
  • this show basically has this chic that just sits there and clicks her fingers with the background music wth. also, she has the creepiest eye makeup on the planet. wowowow it looks like her iris is white.
  • the background music is basically this live band who can only play the crappiest beat on the drums wowowow i have more musical talent than them.

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