Live +7 numbers are up for What Lies Beneath. It came it at a 75% increase. This is good and bonus: these numbers were up 11% from the previous week’s live numbers (Spellcaster - a Katrina heavy episode). 

This is good. It shows upward momentum on top of which, Sleepy Hollow had the 12th highest jump in DVR viewership for the week - higher than even Gotham.

We should know live+7 numbers for Awakening next week and then Tempest Fugit the week after. 

PART 1: 4:50 PM KST

  1. KBS Superman is Back - 16.6%
  2. SBS K-POP Star Season 4 - 12.1%
  3. MBC Animals - 3.4%

PART 2: 6:15 PM KST

  1. KBS 1 Night 2 Days Season 3- 14.4%
  2. MBC Real Men - 13.1%
  3. SBS Running Man - 11.1%

Sunday Night Corners (4:50 - 7:55 PM KST)

  1. KBS Happy Sunday - 14.7%
  2. SBS Good Sunday - 11.1%
  3. MBC Sunday Night - 8.4%

Agent Carter Ratings Stable

Agent Carter remained stable in the ratings this week maintaining a 1.3 in the key 18-49 demographic and 4.25 million viewers on a night where the NCIS franchise continues to be the only real winner, all other shows were under 2 in the 18-49 demographic.  DVR +7 figures continue to boost Agent … … Read More

It’s the least they could do.

5 Movie Ratings That Would Actually Be Helpful

#5. If the Writer Has a Weird Political Ax to Grind

Sometimes this shit is obvious (I’m pretty sure no one is surprised that The Day After Tomorrow has a heavy-handed environmental message) but other times, it’s out of nowhere. Who expected Ghostbusters to be violently anti-big-government? Or the Saw movies to endorse Obamacare? Or that Avatar — a sci-fi adventure about blue-space-alien sex set in a space-jungle and filmed entirely with space-cameras — would name-check the War on Terror? Or — possibly weirdest of all — that Star Trek: Into Darkness (Fuck you, J.J. Abrams, that title needs a colon) is secretly about 9/11 Trutherism?

Read More

Every part of society, including the entertainment media, wants us to believe that the desire to see media without straight white males in lead roles is a failed ideal. Even when supporting it on its face (it’s such a great individual show/movie/book/whatever!) the dominant narrative is that straight white man is the default and success is inextricably tied to that. And the failure of any show with a woman or a person of color or a queer person in the lead is seen as proof that none of them can succeed.

We can’t change the ratings for Agent Carter- the show will sink or swim on its own. But we are not obligated to buy into the way those ratings are being presented to us. Agent Carter is doing about as well as Agents of SHIELD, which as I understand it is seen as a modest success. Don’t let them reframe this as a failure just because Peggy’s a woman.

Streaming and Agent Carter

While I suspect most of us will be watching Agent Carter tonight, for those who can’t for whatever reason or don’t want to, I’ll still be streaming — probably the latest Librarians episode and some old, familiar documentaries.

I’d like to remind people who want to promote Agent Carter that UNLESS YOU ARE A NIELSEN FAMILY, watching Agent Carter live on your television does not actually help since nobody but you and your family knows that you watched it. Nobody can read your TV’s thoughts. :D

Your actual best bet to help get Agent Carter ordered for a full season is to watch it however the fuck you want to AND THEN go to one of these free sites:

  • Hulu  - 5 recent episodes
  • ABC.com  - 2 recent episodes

And watch an episode again, or play it in the background on mute while you do something else. If you are not a Nielsen family, this is actually the only way to make your viewing count. (If you are a Nielsen family, watch Agent Carter, please.) Aside from livetweeting, I suppose. If you livetweet or livetumblr, remember to tag your posts so others don’t get spoiled.

As I am reminded, DVR viewings count too, but only if you actually watch — if you DVR the show and then watch, those numbers are reported back as well.

One good reason to watch live is that you can then generate tons of word-of-mouth buzz, but if you can’t watch it live, come on down to my stream and we’ll have a good time anyway. 

On Agent Carter and Ratings

I see a lot of doom-sayers casting shade on Agent Carter (and I know I just reblogged one - mostly for the links to ways to access it legally), but it’s worth saying: Agent Carter is by no means doing badly.

I don’t know if it’s marketing trying to get more people to watch by making us feel like we might lose our female led superhero TV show, or the media in general trying to downplay the success of a female led superhero TV show, but Agent Carter is by no means doing badly.

Some ratings for comparison:

Recent superhero TV pilots:

Agent Carter pilot: 7 million viewers (6.91)

Arrow pilot: 4 million viewers (4.14)

The Flash pilot: 5 million viewers (4.83)

Gotham pilot: 8 million viewers (8.21)

Agents of SHIELD: 12 million viewers (12.12)

Pilots for the most successful superhero TV shows ever:

Smallville pilot: 8 million (8.4)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer pilot: 3 million (3.3)


So, just to be clear: Agent Carter is not only not failing, it had a distinctly successful pilot for this kind of TV show. It easily outstripped Arrow, which is now into its third season. It had more than twice the number of viewers of Buffy's pilot, and only a million less than Smallville, which ran for 10 seasons.

As for people talking about a drop off this week… if you want to talk about a drop off, let’s take a look at  Agents of SHIELD. This show was hotly anticipated, drawing in the largest viewers for a pilot of a superhero TV show at 12.12 million. The next week viewership dropped to 8.6 million. That’s 3.5 million viewers they lost for their second episode. Agent Carter dropped to 5.10 - still a thoroughly respectable number, and only 1.8 million viewers lost.

It’s perfectly normal to have less viewers for the second episode than for the pilot when a show is anticipated. Contrast Buffy with Agents of SHIELD. One was hotly anticipated and got a very large audience, but lost a lot of that audience because many found it to not meet expectations. Buffy was an almost completely unknown quantity, but built to have a large and loyal audience because, well, it was very good.

What does that mean for Agent Carter? Well, it suggests that it was more anticipated than Arrow and The Flash, but less than Agents of SHIELD. And the drop for the second episode? Statistically not significant at all. Arrow dropped less for it’s second episode, but it had less viewers to drop - the second episode of Arrow had just 3.5 million viewers. The Flash dropped by almost exactly the same amount as Arrow - roughly half a million. Smallville dropped by 1.1 million. Gotham dropped by 1.2 million. Buffy dropped just 0.2 million.

Get this, though: at it’s most successful, Buffy the Vampire Slayer had 7.7 million viewers.

So, if someone tells you Agent Carter is doing badly, remember this: the pilot episode had almost as many viewers as Buffy had at its most successful.

It’s doing fine. And if it gets axed because of ‘poor viewing figures’ we’ll know that that’s grade A sexism.

AC Ratings Report

Agent Carter has yet again performed marvelously in the Tuesday 9pm slot (Feb 17) only being beat by NCIS: New Orleans (unsurprisingly). 

Individual episode ratings have continued to rise after the stoop in ratings after episode 4. This weeks episode was the highest rated of the whole series along with the previous 2 hopefully likening the chance of Agent Carter’s renewal.

Based on these facts, it seems very unlikely that ABC would cancel Agent Carter given its solid 1.06 million views lead on its closest competition during the time slot and incredible user reviews on IMDb.

Also the fact that ABC would have all us to deal with too… just saying ABC