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so it wasnt white before???

Yeah, it was. I have it set to a much dark color, but it doesn’t change for some reason. Here’s the preview

I had left it white out of frustration and then forgot, then I remembered when I complained that so many sites have white backgrounds and how that sucked when I had headaches, then my boyfriend had to remind me that my own tumblr had a white background.

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Email me the html codes for the theme you’re using? It should be in the .css somewhere. I’ll have a look and see if I can find it and tell you where to change it.

I didn’t modify much, so I don’t think it’s something I might’ve done? I’ll email you right now.

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i wish i could help you with this but im totally useless with this stuff omg. maybe just change the theme?

It’s ok! No problem :3 I’ll change it when I have time, if there’s no way to fix it. 


    ratherbedrinking replied to your post: Guess who gets screwed out of a government rebate?

wait, what? please explain.

HA ha. I will. I love explanations.

Okay so. I gathered up all my power bills from the last year. You need to use something like 6,000kWh or something to qualify and be under $25-26k as a single income (without dependents I think, can’t remember all the exact details off the top of my head). I easily had this amount, my last apartment had virtually no installation or something and I burned a ton of power.

But I moved within the last year, due to a combination of getting a job in another town, no longer being able to afford my power bills and gas. Only your current residence counts so I haven’t had enough usage/time to qualify.

And I’m planning to move again by the end of spring or beginning of summer so I won’t be able to qualify next year as well.

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What the shit. Tumblr itself is filled, FILLED with pornographic material. So…. Can’t you not link to tumblrs?????

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Wait disregard I thought this was about tumblr not devart sorry I am dumb

No, you’re not dumb D:

Now I’m wondering, tumblr IS filled with porn, and if your blog also happens to post NSFW, would DA give you shit for linking to it that? Would they deny access? I hadn’t considered that…

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In my own defense I am lazy as fuck. And I was at work. But I heart you

Aw, you’re not lazy, if there’s someone that’s lazy around here it’s me, that just taking out the trash feels like a herculean task. OTL

We need to chat one of these days! Or we could play something on steam, though tbh since we moved i’m not much in the mood for playing games, idk why : (

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Cristina won’t be eligible either but that doesn’t seem to bother her…

That’s because she wants to modify the Constitution to do so.

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hopefully we’ll all die next month

Maybe Romney winning will truly be the end of the world then? XD

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I heard Romney was done, he wasn’t going to re-run. But uh… lets not think about how bad the conservative party will be four years from now. Every term they seem to get crazier and crazier and this year they were off the fucking charts

I do hope he’s done. Let’s hope that the next one is not as much of an idiot as Mittens.

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:[ that sounds terrifying… are you okay?

Yeah, it’s just that I had forgotten these were things that could happen so I freaked out a little, that’s all. I just need to eat better. Maybe it is time to find out how much is the gym’s fee. (ugh that always ends up with me going to the gym for like two days and then never showing up again and then it’s just a lot of money wasted)

ratherbedrinking replied to your postno but why do people eat rare steak

hasn’t happened to me! I find overcooked beef too tough and has a bad metallic taste. I will only eat it rare haha.

Yeah it is true that if it’s overcooked it’s too tough to eat, i’ve had that problem before to the point that it made my teeth hurt!