❅ 20 Christmas Questions // ask for a blog rate ❅
  • Reindeer:Can you name every one of Santa's Reindeer?
  • Mince Pie:Favourite Christmas treat?
  • Tinsel:When do you decorate your house for Christmas?
  • Gift:Who are you buying gifts for this Christmas?
  • Santa:Would you ever/Have you ever been on holiday over Christmas?
  • Rudolph:What are you hoping to receive this Christmas?
  • Lights:Would you prefer Christmas in the winter or the summer?
  • Chocolate:Favourite chocolates to eat at Christmas?
  • Bauble:Favourite Christmas Movie?
  • Turkey:Do you have a turkey with your Christmas Dinner?
  • Stocking:Do you still have a stocking?
  • Snowman:When did you last build a snowman?
  • Gingerbread:Do you like ginger?
  • Candy Cane:Favourite sweeties?
  • Carols:Favourite carol?
  • Cinnamon:Do you enjoy Christmas-exclusive coffees? Which is your favourite?
  • Advent:What does your advent calendar look like?
  • Snowflake:When did you last see snow?
  • Cosy:Do you celebrate Thanksgiving?
  • Star:Favourite thing about the festive season?

Please fire me. I’m a babysitter and a woman texted me recently to ask if I would watch 8 kids at a two hour party for only $40. I told her my rates were normally higher because there are a larger number of kids, so she went to go talk to her husband about my price. She comes back a week later and says they can only give me $50 but that instead of just having 8 kids, they’ll now have 16 there…with only four of them over five years old.


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RUSSIAN FEDERATION, Moscow : Employees work in an office in Moscow on December 15, 2014. The Russian ruble tumbled 9.5 percent Monday to new record lows as falling crude prices pulled the rug out from under the currency of the oil exporting nation, with analysts saying the Kremlin needs to act to stop the free fall. The plunge in the ruble came as the central bank warned the low oil price could trigger a contraction of nearly 5 percent next year and tensions surged with the United States over Ukraine. AFP PHOTO / KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV

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