ratchet kpop

Confronting Chen

Kyle: (sits next to Chen)Chen I seen you with your shirt off on Skype the other day.
Chen: (freezes) um…well….um…
Kyle: AW! Its ok! I didn’t know you liked black girls!? Where she from?
Chen: Uuhh, I feel uncomfortable talking about it
Kyle: Tell me or I’m telling Kai you the one who stole his ebony porn DVDs
Chen: She’s from Sweden, under 6'0 feet. Pretty smile. Thick in all the right places
Kyle: See! It wasn’t that hard! But next time lock your door, and put on a shirt. Lol
Chen: (embarrassed laugh) definitely.



“T” is for trappin! (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖