Salmonella Invades a Cultured Human Cell (NASA, International Space Station, 7/28/11) by NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Editor’s note: this great image isn’t from NASA, so please see the credit below. It was used on a Web feature about a current experiment aboard the International Space Station, which is assisting with research and development of next-generation vaccines to protect against diseases caused by pathogenic microbes. Now how cool is THAT?

More information is located here: www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/station/research/news/RASV.html)

Caption: An example of Salmonella invading cultured human cells.

Image courtesy of Rocky Mountain Laboratories, NIAID, NIH.

Their Web site:

Feeling like a tired toddler post #chocolate judging. Supertaster tongue feels slightly scalded but enjoyed the experience, learnt lots of new things about the universe from my fellow judges. @finefoodawards #RMFFA #RASV (at Melbourne Showgrounds)


It has begun! Knitting a baby shawl for the Knitting class in the Craft competition at the Royal Melbourne Show. This class has a specific pattern that you have to knit, using Patons Dreamtime. Wish I could knit it in the round, but apparently I’m not allowed to. The pattern is knit flat then seamed to make a circle. Stopped knitting cause my hands hurt. Hoping I’ll finish this section tomorrow.

85th day in Melbourne, fingerprint

After three days of this intense AICA gig, my fingerprints are now super awesome!!! (if you must know, from adjusting grinder, not from nervously gnawing my own fingers.)

Besides meeting awesome fellow baristas and hospitality people, getting my hands on a variety of coffee, it’s very rewarding to be reminded how much I love this thing, still, after what felt like just too much of them.