Zine 1Les Carnets de Rastapopoulos, Issues #8 & 9 by Robert Gauvinov (both 16pg. at 1/2 legal size) Available at the Pressed zine rack 

Zine 2Radio Antarctica, Issue #4 by Clara Bee Lavery -

These front covers are gorgeous and quirky, illustrating my front cover could look pretty cool, although I definitely want my zine to be printed in colour.

Zine 3 - Seven days in Berlin is an illustrated, journal style travelogue by Neil Slorance comic about the authors trip to Berlin in October 12’. It follows on from the events in ‘Nine Lines of Metro’ although can be read as a stand alone comic. Books are 40 pages, 127x190mm printed on recycled paper.

The paper I print my zine on is something I need to consider while designing it, I think recycled could be nice, possibly an off white recycled paper. It would be nice to add in some pages of texture too, possibly some slightly transparent pages.

Zine 4 -  I love how simple, yet effective this cover is! This zine is by the same author but also a collaboration with Campbell Miller who wrote all of the text inside - we are allowed to collaborate on our own zines, however I have already written the articles and am currently on holiday 4630 km away from any illustration buddies so that is probably out of the question. I will however be sourcing illustrations/photographs from books/websites.