» You lay down in the middle of your lab, your stuffed trolls and your new doll against the wall.

» You don’t feel like you have to leave to go anywhere. You’re ready to wait till you die down here. No other reason for you to stay now. You’ve done all you could.

» You curl up by the dog bed that has your dead lusus on it. You hug a regular stuffed animal, a white sheep with a pink bow on it, and bleat to yourself. You tried.

the argument that johnlock shippers only say that irene is gay because we don’t want her to ‘interfere with our ship’ is completely incomprehensible to me because literally the line we are deriving this argument from is “well i am [gay], look at us both”

like she LITERALLY SAYS that she’s gay and then she LITERALLY SAYS that she’s attracted to sherlock despite that

we’re arguing that she views HERSELF as gay with an exception we’re not arguing that she’s not remotely sexually/romantically interested in sherlock (though many of us argue that we would really rather she wouldn’t on account of being tired of a) irene being turned from a worthy adversary to a lovelorn damsel in multiple adaptations [though really she’s both in sherlock and her falling in love doesn’t make her less worthy by any means, though it would have been preferable if she did actually beat him] and b) the ‘lesbian falls for a man’/’ex lesbian’ trope)

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How sweet though! :’)

The fact of the matter is that these writers are VERY particular about wording, and Irene directly says “I am [gay]”. She could quite easily have said “Neither am I. I like women and men” or some variety thereof, which would have cast her as bi/pan and solidified queer readings of John’s character more effectively. The fact that the writers chose not to do that demonstrates that she really does think of herself as gay and views her attraction to Sherlock as an exception.