roomoon said:

Ahahah, I saw your picture of your band-aids and shtuff (adorable by the way, as always) and my first thought, was "what the what!? Why does Carla have condomsss?!" O.O And then I clicked to make it bigger, and I saw, that they were in fact disinfecty thingies~~

Haha,that’s what Crystal thought!

You’re all mad,I’m embarrassed even saying the word “condom”, and I would have no use for them anyhow xD 

roomoon said:

I'm just patiently sitting here, waiting for it to be a reasonable time to message you. I kind of approve of these 9AM classes, cos I get to be awake when you wake up :3

Meow meow, I sent a very obvious tweet that I was awake. 

I mean…it was a very inconspicuous tweet, yup.  “I’m awaaake, just in case any lioness is out there and awake and wondering if it’s a reasonable time to message meeee *cough* @rachel1893” Haha xD

Also, I should have taken 8 am classes, that would have been an even earlier time for me to get to talk to you a bit longer x] But I probably would go to bed earlier…or at the same time, and then I would be passing out on you more often and sending those random incoherent messages x/ haha

roomoon said:

I'm just gonna leave this here,

Lala, this is going to be bookmarked like Humans x] 

I’m going to have to learn to play some of these songs for you, or at least sing them~ 

roomoon said:

Psst, this could so be me who wrote these, there's Disney and Pokémon and light sabers [but lets make them NERF guns] and random dancing and Imagine Me & You and lots of cheesiness =']

PS. Iloveyou ♥

Meow meow, these are all so perfect, it’s ridiculous. I probably could have written some of these,too.

We can totally do both lightsabers and NERF guns? I love all of these letters, lala x]

I need to learn to cook other things,cos I know you don’t like tofu or eggplant =’]

roomoon said:

[9:39:12 PM] Stas x: Golly, this girl can do everything you've ever wanted in life.. you're perfect for eachother :3
[9:39:23 PM] Stas x: but she is pretty amazing :3
[9:39:28 PM] Rachel: I knowwww
[9:39:29 PM] Stas x: now you can be like
[9:39:58 PM] Stas x: I've got a big fat lesbian crush on you (Carla) Ayayaya! lalila :P
[9:39:59 PM] Rachel: :3

Just so you know: When I'm not talking to you, I'm talking about you~~

Lala,this is like my sister and I x] I was just going to tell Elly the other day about how perfect you are for knowing about specific hominins~

Also, “Ayayaya! lalila”? I was laughing uncontrollably at that for some odd reason and Elly just stared xD

roomoon said:

Hey, hey Carlaaaa, guess whuuut?

Haha, nothing.

loljks. Iloveyou ♥

Guh, I laughed far too loudly at this xD

I love you,too,sweetie. You’re very silly, and I love you ♥

roomoon said:


I'm sorry, I don't know why I'm yelling, I just thought it was definitely CAPS worthy news~

What the what?!

That is very CAPS worthy! That’s pretty awesome, you must have done some very serious watching if they’re already done! =D

roomoon said:

Okay, first word that comes to mind when I say:

- ketchup
- sneakers
- catalogue
- opera
- couch
- blanket
- cruise
- lamp
- iloveyou.

  • french fries
  • converse
  • Urban Outfitters
  • balcony
  • sleep
  • cozy
  • boat
  • light
  • I’m a very lucky girl to have found the most perfect girl in the world that I’m deeply in love with and to have her love me back.

Oops….I guess that last one wasn’t just one word, but my fingers typed before I could stop them at all. 

roomoon said:

Oi, I miss you.

You know what would be like, super super cool, if we didn't need to sleep.

Or even better, if we were in the same time zone, then we could be asleep together. Uh huh.

I miss you,too,sweetie. 

I knowww x/ I try, with my ridiculous sleeping hours =’] I’m getting closer to your hours I think?

roomoon said:

So, you know that game of Scrabble I was playing with Mel this afternoon? Well, we gave up half way to watch NCIS, and so I just came back to the table and finished the game. I totally won.

I was playing for both of us.


You did?! Did you win by a lot?

Oh, neat, so I won,too? We’re Scrabble pros? =’]

roomoon said:

You are the Simba to my Nala ♥
Also, Stas came up with our ship name: Rarla :3 hahah~

I love you, Nala. You call all the shots in our kingdom.

That’s a really cool ship name! It sounds like you’re roaring in the beginning! Like, “rawr-luhhh”. I’m giddy now, yup.

roomoon said:

Funny/cute fact: My little sister ships us :3

She does?!

That’s so cool beans =’] Does this ship have a name? That would be cool xD Haha…your sister is cool~