rarityfett answered your question: So like… that scene of the avengers eating their shawarma together… Where’s that actually from cause I’ve seen gifs, but I’m lost.

You shouldnt be allowed to be an avengers fan

You’re cute as fuck, you know that? God forbid I miss it because I wasn’t expecting there to be TWO scenes after the credits. Like, fuck off. Thanks for all the help, you all-knowing, self righteous bastard. 

rarityfett replied to your post: so walking dead

it was amazing. I’m like in tears of excitement for it. i loved how the season ended and just sdlkjalk;fed;slkfjsadlk aahhhh

i feel like crying too!!!!!!!!!!!!!! andrea just got so much respect from me, she doesnt know that shane died !!!!!!!!!! holy fuck, her cheap fuck to lay died o.o