Florence and devonte hynes cpvering ‘Redundant’ by Green day as 'Team perfect.


I’ve covered this once before but thought I’d talk about it again since I’ve gotten more followers.

This is the Didget, yet another great example how inventive Nintendo is. The Didget is a blood glucose monitoring system that plugs into the Nintendo DS. It helps kids with diabetes stay on top of checking their glucose levels by giving them an incentive. The Didget comes with a game called Knock E’m Downs, an turned based RPG. While the game goes in the DS slot, the Didget fits into the Game Boy Advance port and the two work off of each other. Testing regularly will unlock points that can be redeemed for new characters, mini-games, costumes, and more.

The technology is now owned by Bayer, but was originally thought up by Paul Wessel when he noticed how his son would always loose his glucose meter but somehow always knew where his Game Boy was. Weasel pitched the idea to Nintendo and as a result they released the first version of the Didget: The Glucoboy. The Glucoboy was originally released in Australia and is best known as being the single rarest attachment for the Game Boy Advance.


Florence singing along to ‘dont let go’ by en vogue. An MTV official kept watching this on repeat and pushed to have Flo’s 'dog days are over’ nominated for a VMA as he was so impressed with her.


Fight Club 2 # 1 Lee Bermejo ultra rare variant cover and Cameron Stewart variant cover

Some imaginary friends never go away …

Ten years after starting Project Mayhem, he lives a mundane life. A kid, a wife, pills to keep his destiny at bay. But it won’t last long; the wife has seen to that.

The time has come . .

(W) Chuck Palahniuk (A) Cameron Stewart (CA) Lee Bermejo, Cameron Stewart

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Florence singing ‘Throwing bricks’ for MTV in 2008 with Rob on guitar


Dear gods I hate and love that picture. How??

The first picture is years old, before my psoriasis really flared and any diagnosis. After that came cutting, a diagnosis of depression and a realisation of giftedness. I’m also pretty sure I have ADHD. A lovely combination; I can tell you. Too inattentive to be as clever as I can, too fascinated to be labelled ADHD. 

At school I was bullied, by both children and adults. I was sexually assaulted, bullied about sexuality and body image and called a devil worshiper. It’s made me stronger, I love my body and I harness my brains as best I can. 

It can’t have been too long after this as well that I had a breakdown and dropped out of college.

But now I’m three years clean, medicated and on the way up… and most importantly to me, I have a place at college next year and today I applied for two jobs despite my panic about flaky and bloody fingers.


Short clip Florence and Johnny Borrell from Razorlight covering ‘hotel yorba’ by the white stripes. He was her guitarist for a short while when she was still underground. It’s rumoured he helped her write tear out my tongue’ (called the hanging song at first). He stopped hanging around with her and Rob took over (or came back)


Archie vs Predator - Robert Hack ultra rare variant cover and Dustin Nguyen variant

Archie and the gang head back to Riverdale, but the vicious extraterrestrial Predator is in hot pursuit! When the kids determine that Betty and Veronica are the targets, they devise a secret weapon - Jughead in drag!

(W) Alex De Campi (A) Rich Koslowski, Fernando Ruiz (CA) Robert Hack, Dustin Nguyen

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