Dear gods I hate and love that picture. How??

The first picture is years old, before my psoriasis really flared and any diagnosis. After that came cutting, a diagnosis of depression and a realisation of giftedness. I’m also pretty sure I have ADHD. A lovely combination; I can tell you. Too inattentive to be as clever as I can, too fascinated to be labelled ADHD. 

At school I was bullied, by both children and adults. I was sexually assaulted, bullied about sexuality and body image and called a devil worshiper. It’s made me stronger, I love my body and I harness my brains as best I can. 

It can’t have been too long after this as well that I had a breakdown and dropped out of college.

But now I’m three years clean, medicated and on the way up… and most importantly to me, I have a place at college next year and today I applied for two jobs despite my panic about flaky and bloody fingers.

How to get away with befriending me

I was tagged by suizdejinn and I nearly forgot. Sorry man.

1 Song: Talk Show Host - Radiohead

2 Movies: Donnie Darko, American History X

3 TV Shows: Forbrydelsen, Engrenages, Vikings

4 People: Natalie Dormer, Ronda Rousey, Jake Gyllenhaal, Chuck Palahniuk

5 Foods: Rare steak, dark chocolate covered orange, white chocolate dipped strawberries, potato skins covered in everything, fresh baked baguette.

6 Books: Haunted by Chuck Palahniuk, A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess, The Millenium Trilogy by Stieg Larsson, The Stand by Stephen King, NOS4A2 by Joe Hill, A Scanner Darkly by Philip K Dick


Who remembers Alyson Stoner from Camp Rock & Disney? If you do, say hello to her again, along with Max Schneider while they cover “Sweater Weather.” If you didn’t know them of before, you will now. One of the best covers you’ll ever hear.


Gospels of Reichenau, early 11th century. Cover: Gold, jewels and pearls. Germany. Source

The Benedictine Abbey of Reichenau had probably the largest and most influential European writing school in the 10th and 11th centuries. By order of the highest circles a series of most magnificent liturgical manuscripts were created. This Evangeliar is an outstanding work of the Ottonian period. See the complete book here.

Not In Nottingham
  • Not In Nottingham
  • Mumford & Sons and Friends
  • Daytrotter Studio 10/1/2012

Rare Mumford and Sons cover of “Not in Nottingham” from the Daytrotter Sessions.  This song is originally from the Disney movie Robin Hood.

Someone graffittied this in the art building stairwell a few days ago:

“I’m standing in the wake of a 60 ft tidal wave of my own bad choices”

And I walk by today to see someone had written the response:

“body surf that shit”

and I just think that’s beautiful