JULY 2013 - The 2nd Anniversary issue

Tumblr Magazine Issue #25 * Cover #29-30 * JULY 2013 * 2nd Anniversary Issue * ON THE COVER: Aaron Quinto (@aieos) and Patrick Velasco (@putograft)

photographed by Maikho Franco | words by Raphael Balbaboco


Fact: Making sense is not a problem for Aaron Quinto and Patrick Velasco. At all.

As the, should we say, masters of doodling and photography, respectively, both of them had memorized and mastered the art of relevance and significance to the crazy world of Tumblr. Not because they are famous Tumblr personalities that they are featured on this anniversary issue, but this blogazine has been true to its word that we feature people who makes sense. And guess what… the two of them do.

Aaron and Patrick are the guys that you follow unconsciously. Admit it. The first time you landed eyes on Tumblr and started one, you’ve asked people here, “Sinong magaling na blogger dito na pwedeng o worthy i-follow?” Most probably, they’ll say, “Si Pabee!!! Ang gwapo niya, friend!” or “Si ay-yos. Ay ey-eyos yata. Ah basta a-e-i-o-s. Ay a-i-e-o-s yata. Ah basta! Galing niya mag-doodle!”

Rewind back the days, three, four, five years ago, PutoGraft (Patrick) andAieos (Aaron) are Tumblr’s household names. They are mainstays in your dashboard. You are an auto-liker of their posts, and you are a super fan of their artworks. And not just their artworks, but their personas as well.

People know Patrick as Pabee or putograft – initially, a play on the word “photograph.” [Trivia: Pabee is not “Pabee” because his name is Patrick Velasco. It is because his second name is Benedict.]

Setting my Kuya Kim-ish instincts aside, Patrick shared to me that more than the shutter and the lens, and birds and the bees, his life as a registered nurse slash photographer was never a piece of cake, especially that even a Patrick Velasco has inferiorities.

Tumblr Magazine PH: What are the things that you are most insecure of?

Patrick Luis Velasco: My height. I am the shortest sa amin. Anim kaming magkakapatid – tatlong babae, tatlong lalaki. Ako [ang] pinakamaliit na lalaki.

TMPH: Is that the only thing? I mean, it does not make you less of a Patrick Velasco.

PLV: Nakaka-stress yung tanong.

TMPH: Hahaha. Wala ka namang magagawa.

PLV: Yung fact siguro na hindi ako nakapag-aral sa A+ universities during my college days. Example. ADMU. DLSU. UP.

TMPH: That makes you feel less? Why?

PLV: Kasi as a kid, or as a student, napaka-competetive ko. Hindi ko nga gustong maging nurse dati eh. Gusto kong mag-doktor. Tapos [sa] A+ schools ko lang nai-imagine [ang] sarili ko dati. Isama mo na [ang] UST.

TMPH: Is that because you are like from a family of achievers? That is why you’re competitive?

PLV: Yep. Pwede.

TMPH: Maybe competitive is too hard to use. Dreamer. Maybe you’re a dreamer.

PLV: Competitive talaga eh. Kasi kung dreamer, puro dreams lang. Kulang sa gawa.

TMPH: Well you have a point. Now. Tell me about the story how putograft started

PLV: Yan talaga ang tanong? Wala bang less toxic?

TMPH: Wala.

PLV: I really can’t completely remember how putograft started. I just wanted to have a page where I can post my photos not thinking about the viewers I can get. I just hate how ridiculous the qualities of Facebook photos are.

TMPH: People see you as the photographer, but you are an RN, two opposite fields of interest. And now, you are pursuing medicine. How can you manage both?

PLV: Some say that I’m a multitasking person. But I don’t believe in multitasking. I’m not a machine. I just know how to manage my time. And when it comes to requirements, I do better when cramming. Hahaha.

TMPH: Or is it because you are just talented? Do you find yourself talented?

PLV: I know a lot of things but I can’t say I’m talented. Maybe I’m up at trying everything. Tapos eventually, I become good at it.

TMPH: Risk taker, eh?

PLV: Nope. Curious cat lang.

TMPH: What is Pabee’s other side?

PLV: What do you mean?

TMPH: Aside from being the photographer and the science dude. Are there other parts of you that people are not aware of?

PLV: Uhmm. I’m an open book. What you see is pretty much the real me. [But] the little hinges of me should remain a secret.

TMPH: No hint?

PLV: I am romantic.

TMPH: Really? Well it shows. (Check this blog: http://angeliquenel.tumblr.com/)

TMPH: What’s one thing about Tumblr that you hate?

PLV: Some people who can’t accept the real them. People who tend to pretend.

TMPH: Like? Joke. [Have you] ever thought of deactivating?

PLV: Yep. During the dark days of my love life but I don’t wanna regret.

TMPH: Oh yes. The dark days. Hahaha. I remember Dexter talking about it and he was so sad. Let’s not go into details. You are also into sports. Are you still on MMA trainings?

PLV: Currently on a break since I’m overly occupied with work as a nurse and [with] graduate school. But I’d like to take at least a day in a month for one session.

TMPH: Off the course. Do you find yourself intimidating?

PLV: Maraming nagsasabi. Even the way I talk daw. I dunno why. Do you know why?

TMPH: I really don’t know. Hahaha. Maybe the confidence. I really find talking to you intimidating.

PLV: You mean you find me over confident?

TMPH: No. It’s the right mix of confidence and being humble. Sakto lang. Well, you have the right to be overconfident naman. You’re an achiever.


Aaron’s Tumblr “reputation" is the snobbish, high-headed, doodle boy.

As we talked, he tried to clean his plate. “Hindi naman talaga ako snob. Tahimik lang talaga ako. Wala pa akong naaalala na ini-snob sa meet-ups or what.“ He said, un-verbatim-ly. But he was so cool with being labeled as the snob type. ”[But] since they labeled me snob, I’ll be one.“

People also tag him as weird. “Yeah. I am.” He surrenders.

But more than being suplado, Aaron is proud of what he had become as a Tumblr blogger. If Katniss Everdeen is “the girl on fire" then Aaron Quinto is “the boy who doodles.“

"Art is your projection, like an avatar of your ideals.” He said philosophically.

“[With my first doodle, I was] excited with hopes [that] it will go viral since there’s Tumblarity that time. [Tumblarity is] a point system which will dictate your ranking in the whole Tumblrverse. Each reblog or like will give you additional corresponding Tumblarity so even those crappy blogs get to be “famous” at their own right because they’re on top of [it]. It’s awful at times because people post just to garner points. There was a Tumblr phase where everyone would make typography art (including me) with texts like “reblog if" just to gain notes. Unlike now, people post because they consider their Tumblr [as] some sort of repository or their own platform to make a name for themselves.“

Tumblr is a place where people get to be known. It is a place where people get to make a name for themselves, and Aaron is all okay with that.

”[With Tumblr], I get to create my alter ego in the blog-o-sphere (as doodle boy) which is fulfilling, every time I meet up with bloggers in real life. Like people recognize me for what I do. That’s self-rewarding.“

The Aaron Quinto Tumblr Story was an easy one-way access to being known. With his different kind of art, back the days, he easily got to be noticed.

"It was my smooth transition from Multiply to Tumblr. I felt like Multiply’s too bland and boring so I tried BlogSpot. Then… I discovered weewilldoodle. They’re my heroes. I was so inspired by them, their quirky art and all that. Sabi ko, I want to do that kind of art. I felt like I have a place with doodles. So I bought a moleskine to have a decent notebook and journal at the same time, then I created a Tumblr [account]. Because of their reblogging feature, I felt like doodling would be a hit and so I made my first doodle. Then ayun… May mga nag-reblog then some really liked it like it’s their first time to see that kind of art since doodling that time is not famous. Then a few weeks after I tried to make this Tumblr doodle thing which really went viral so I gained [a] handful [of] followers.”

But Aaron’s art has changed. From the mushrooms and the aliens and the creatures that no one is familiar of, his pens had been etching some new world of artistry. His sudden change of aesthetic is more obvious than not, and his following shook as well.

“I find it too juvenile to be considered art and its validity as art is weak. So yeah. When it changed, my audience changed to some extent.”

This change has been good to him, evident on his blog. His url might not be popping up more often on our dashboards but the day to day pinches of Aaron Quinto are still sure hits.

“Do you have any frustrations or insecurities? Let’s open you up.” I asked him. “Uhmm. I can’t dance. I’m short. I can’t whistle.” He replied laughing. Whistling is like one of the most basic human talent, proving that Aaron may be talented, but a talented person cannot have it all.

I asked him about his thoughts on the sudden decline of people’s interest to Tumblr.

“People got lazier. The crowd shifted to shitty blogs who post nothing but one-liners and inane content, cheesy text posts, unsubstantial social commentaries, and shallow love posts.”

To wrap up the interview, I defined doodling for Aaron.

Pael: I have here a definition of doodle. “Doodle is the perfect amalgamation of coherence and randomness, meaning and meaningless.” How can you relate to this? I mean, you as a person.

Aaron: Did I say that?

Pael: Who else? (Check this blog:http://monstruoobscura.tumblr.com/post/20964645135/a-good-doodle/)

Aaron: How can I relate to that? I think it speaks to me as an architecture student as well and as an individual also. There should be restraint at some point but there should also be a time where you should let loose, let go of inhibitions.

Pael: Like not knowing how to whistle.


I guess the era of the term “Tumblr famous" is at last over. It is still out there but people do not talk about it as much as before. But we have to admit it. Bloggers who we call “Tumblr famous" really exist.

The bad thing about being tagged as a “Tumblr famous" is that people see it negatively. People will call you mayabang, hambog, mapagmalaki, suplado/suplada, and all the adjectives that negatively connote being famous or being always on the limelight.

Being a “Tumblr famous" is not something that they called for, but it is something that people tag them of. It came from them. It came from those who see it negatively.

Ironic, eh?

But the thing about it is not all those who we call “famous" are indeed the definition of the word. I personally believe that being “famous" is more than being the talk of the town. It is more of being “someone.“

To be a “Tumblr someone”, you have to prove your worth. I mean, you have to have something special, something that people will be interested of, something that is relevant.

And that is one thing we should aim for – relevance. As you blog, have you ever asked yourself if you are being relevant? If you are identifiable? If you are aligned to what people are interested of? Are you making sense? Or… do you make sense?

One fact. Making sense is not a problem for Aaron Quinto and Patrick Velasco. At all.

                                        COZ YOU’RE HOLLYWOOD

It was like a disease Raphael Balbaboco injected on the three of us. Me and two other classmates back in college. We were tumblr noobs and the next thing we knew, we were on our way to a commercialized coffee shop where a couple of tumbloggers from Batangas were waiting. That one fine afternoon, when (if i’m not mistaken) we have to skip a minor subject for an experience we’ll never forget, to take part on the the first Tumblr Ala Eh Meet Up.

Eleven meet up in three years, 2 from back in 2010, 5 in 2011, 2 in 2012 and a couple of blockbuster meet up from last year, TAEMU 10 and 11, done in two consecutive months. As the hype increases so are the attendees, it’s safe to assume that Tumblr Ala Meet Up might be one of the most anticipated, most attended, consistent and most successful local meet up there is. 

For our 30th issue, we welcome 2014 with our Annual Power Issue dedicated to all the tumbloggers’ gathering on the record. This month we magnify the timeline that brought Tumblr Ala Eh Meet Up on nearly a dozen cycle, a special interview with the organizers, and what we can learn from them. We’ll also tap our resident tumbloggers on how they feel about their first meet up experiences. We also have James Hernando on the Tumblr Meet Up for Dummies: Everything a Newbie needs to learn, expect, and know in able to Survive a Meet Up. Plus, Pael balbaboco on the roster of active celebrities on tumblr. All that and more on our primer issue this year.

Happy New Year to our beloved readers. Our deepest gratitude to you all for all your messages, submissions, comments and suggestions. your participation really matters to us for it keeps our online magazine alive and still on the run. Thank you!

Have a good read!

Special thanks to the men behind our amazing cover (prolly our first inanimate cover) Photographed by Jarvis Lon Buquiz (@jarbitchandpieces) and Doodle art by Cris Israel Lumanglas (@israelmekaniko).


                                               MAKES SENSE.

We live by this tagline from this issue forward. For this one goes out to all the tumbloggers we’ve had for every single issue that was nailed on your dashboards, in a span of two years. This one goes out to all those who helped us build this online mag with aims as simple as a blogger’s dream. Let his story be told, and tap the readers with worthwhile readings, interesting articles, features, and things that makes sense. It’s not just because I dream of working for a magazine house soon, but the drive for pursuing this project comes from the exciting fact that we get to share a part of this community and get to meet new people in a universe of personalities.

On our Second Anniversary Issue, we give you two of our resident tumbloggers, known for their respective craft and gift of creativity. As we venture on the business of making sense, we are back with a double cover, featuring Aaron Quinto (@aieos) and Patrick Velasco (@putograft) as the cocktails to our party, the punch that keeps this celebration momentous. In this issue, you will get to know more of Aaron,   the persona he keeps behind the quiet life of aieos. We also chronicle the aflamed passion for photography, his career in the medical field, and the future plans of Patrick (Pabee). 

We also prepared some surprise articles and features for you this month. Melvin Tordecilla (@beben-eleben) looks back at the cloudy days of probably one of the most controversial tumblogger back then, Reah Bendanillo (@gawasalangit). Something to keep us inspired, Tatt Awards winner for Best Style Blog, David Guison, and Future Perfect Blog Stache Magazine. Also, Is Niry Chien, tumblr’s @chenapay the next accidental dashboard fameux? Plus, an open letter to them tumblr oldies. All these and more in this month’s tumblr mag issue. 

Special thanks to Pael Balbaboco (@raphaelandthemachine) our Associate Editor, our resident photographers Maikhoben Franco (@maikhofranco) and Faye Alcoriza (@batangmilo), James Mitra (@jamesmitra) for making this issue possible.

More than the cover, the featured tumbloggers, the photography, and all the visual spices we put up…it’s important that we keep in mind that there are people like you who are looking forward to this, looking up to what we’re doing, reading every single word, judging and the thing that keeps us motivated, you being inspired.

Here’s to many more years of keeping Tumblr Philippines, a community of discovery, and a pool of tumbloggers sharing stories, love for their craft, inspires people and the ones that actually makes sense. 

144th Featured Blogger of the Week

1) http://funkienokie.tumblr.com/ -  interesting reblogs, photography, literary
2) http://andoykun.tumblr.com/ - interesting reblogs
3) http://do-it-kid.tumblr.com/ - humor, interesting reblogs
4) http://jacehardware.tumblr.com/ - creative writing
5) http://donyaina.tumblr.com/ - advice, humor
6) http://boiimonster.tumblr.com/ - interesting reblogs, tth
7) http://joshuagenota.tumblr.com/ - interesting reblogs
8) http://macrobryology.tumblr.com/ - creative writing
9) http://diakoangheromo.tumblr.com/ - interesting reblogs

Sa picture or blog niya, mukha siyang seryoso pero sa totoong buhay, napakasayang kasama ni Pael. Mapa-photography man or creative writing, hindi siya magpapahuli. Sobrang nakakatuwa ang taong ito at isa ako sa mga napapangiti at tawa niya sa meetups. Minsan kasi ang kupal din niya kaya nakakarelate ako sa kanya. LOL. Follow ninyo siya. Mabait yan.

Project Felicity 160/365

June 9, 2013

Unexpected twist ba? Nainis ako sa isang tao na kinatutuwaan ko naman dati. Nagbabago din naman ang tingin ng tao. Masyado lang kasing naging OA. Hindi ko maintindihan. Nawalan na lang ako ng ganang kaibiganin siya.

Galing nga pala ‘kong TULB. Kanina sa SM Calamba (before pumuntang Los Baños) nakilala ko sila Paolo at Pael. Madami akong nakilala sa TULB pero pinakafavorite ko si Jimmy. Hindi ko din inaasahan na makakaclose ko yung ibang bloggers na nakakabatian ko lang at 'di pa talaga nakakausap.

Sobrang nag-enjoy naman ako kahit sumabak ako sa meet-up na nagbabalat pa yung dibdib ko at ang negra ko pa. Nakakailang pero wala akong pakialam.

114th Featured Blogger of the Week

1) http://chrisphier.tumblr.com/ - creative writing, humor, vanity, twin brother
2) http://tiggahtigz.tumblr.com/ - inspiration, tth
3) http://tr1nitrotoluene.tumblr.com/ - all-around
4) http://mikelitobolero.tumblr.com/ - creative writing, tth
5) http://august-is-over.tumblr.com/ - creative writing
6) http://ohpatrick.tumblr.com/ - interesting reblogs
7) http://nagparaya.tumblr.com/- creative writing, humor, table cloth lady, ninang ng nayon, gladiator from the past
8) http://reyvan.tumblr.com/  - creative writing, gpoy
9) http://iamwalp.tumblr.com/ - quotes, interesting reblogs

Isa sa mga nakilala ko lang dito sa tumblr ay si Pael. Taga-Batangas din siya. Walang dull moments kapag nakasama ninyo ang taong ito. Tatawa at tatawa lang kayo. Parang walang pahinga ang bibig sa pagkukwento, okray o kahit anong comments. Basta maingay ito. Sa blog naman, more on creative writing at photography ang theme niya. Siya nga pala daw si Dianna Agron ng tumblr. LOL 

                                             THE NEW RELIGION.

It’s crazy that at the rarest of times, we find a great company with an edible inanimate object we call food. Be it during the happiest and most depressed times of our lives, most of us give in to the calling of our intestines. More than being a necessity, eating evolved into this exercise that’s addicting and now a resort for socializing. 

Year three for tumblr magazine begins here and we welcome it with a plateful of treats for our resident foodies here in tumblr. This month, we focus on everything about food, food, and food. Gracing our 26th issue is renowned food blogger/photographer and eventologist in his own rights, Rudstin Estrellado (@paresatbp). We’ll get to know how things are running in every food bloggers’ event, the best, must-visit and finest restaurants in the Metro, the must-try dishes, recipes to become an effective food blogger, and why we think he is a cut above the rest.

This month, we’ll also highlight our resident food photographers as we open our Dashboard Food Photography Exhibit that caters a space for their best photographs that will surely tickle your cravings. We also have Melvin Tordecilla (@beben-eleben) on why he’s got the best cooking momma in town and Cris Israel (@israelmekaniko) on the famous DIY burger meal at The Burger Project. Also in this issue we have two of the cutest Robs in tumblr PH, Robby Romero (@robirobster) and Kevin Rob Isidro (@robiotics) on their love for food and cooking. 

Plus! A special feature on some of the Pinoy food bloggers you must follow, The Ultimate Milktea Survey and a tour de feast on the culinary capital of the Philippines, Pampanga.

All this and more on the issue that will take you to a gastronomic ride on everything about the art of eating.

Bon Appetit!




On the Cover: Rudstin Estrellado

Photographed by: Benedict Bigalbal

August 2013 | The Food Issue

                                                  A BEAT THEORY

Billy Joel once said, “I think music in itself is healing. It’s an explosive expression of humanity. It’s something we are all touched by. No matter what culture we’re from, everyone loves music.”

Music is one of those forms of art which you can observe both in sound and in silence. In a way, it has become a unifying agent between the divided and the broken, and ironically, a destructive measure among those who are together. Music is a pole of two opposite impacts - it can either make or break someone, a pair, a group, or a race.

But music’s essence was never to destruct but to inspire and create, unite and heal. Music can introduce you to a whole new world and experience. It makes you make friends and meet new people. It inspires you. It can set you free, or set you fighting for freedom.

And that’s what Tumblr Magazine PH’s September 2013 issue is all about. MUSIC. Date it, back September 2012, when Corinth Gonzalo (@loveagirlwhoreads) graced our very first Music Issue. We were thinking that it would be the first and the last of its kind, that on the coming years, a music feat will not appear on the magazine anymore. Guess, we were wrong.

This month, we will go back to basics. September is an introduction for us. And here, we introduce to you, Shaun Danielle Sager (@misshaunsager) and Sheena Alcantara (@sinasaludo) - two opposite women of attitude and perspective. They are not new to Tumblr, but they are not known by many. But that’s not the reason why they are here. More than the beauty and the innate feistiness that exudes wherever they are, the two of them are definitely the perfect muses we can ask for, for this issue.

In this issue, Pael Balbaboco (@raphaelandthemachine) will get to know Shaun, and her knack for photography, art, fashion, and why is she not the perfect person to ask about music; and Sheena, her feelings about this comeback [Sheena was with Cris (@israelmekaniko) on the cover of our March 2013 Fashion Issue], her love for music, bands, jam sessions, red lipsticks, and that lovely shaved hair.

Aside from that, we will also talk about RAC (Remix Artist Collective), a music group of international members, which re-creates music for artists; the California-brewed hip hop artist Kendrick Lamar; new music albums from John Mayer (Paradise Valley), Lady Gaga (ArtPop), and Katy Perry (Prism); and the much-anticipated Diamonds World Tour in Manila on September 19.

We’ll also feature Paolo Dimaculangan (@paolodee), why his music will never fade, and why Collide was his Tumblr’s claim to fame; what’s next for Glee on its fifth season (and rumors say this is their last); Migz Haleco (@migzhaleco) and his love for guitars, his soulful music, and why he is not a stranger to the music world; and we’ll dive into the world of turning red chairs with a feature on The Voice of the Philippines.

Plus! We have a couple of music and arts festivals this year to sing, jump, and jam with like Sonar Music in Barcelona, Big Mountain in Bangkok, Malasimbo in the Philippines, and a whole lot more.

Special thanks to our resident photographer Maikhoben Franco (@maikhofranco) for the cover and the editorial, our guest lensman Dexter Torres (@thedextertorres) for the BTS clips and photos, and Bialetti Cafe and Gig-A-Bite Bar in Tanauan City, for making this issue a go!

As we go back to basics, we realized that no one can escape sound, or music in this matter. Music is everywhere and anywhere. It is a propaganda set to be imbibed in your youth, and to be taken in your lifetime. Tumblr is a very musical world - the angst we shout, the grin we pay to each other, the like on every post, the reblog of every photo, and many more - combine these together, and we can create a whole new sound, ready to roar.

It’s issue number 27, baby!!! We hope you’ll enjoy our September offering.

Now, we can let the beat go on!




On the Cover: Shaun Danielle Sager (left) and Sheena Alcantara (right)

Photographed by: Maikhoben Franco

September 2013 | Music Issue

Le' x Hair Fetish Shoot x Male Edition x D'Chest Hair x raphaelandthemachine.tumblr.com

Bitch needs some slapping. Let’s stick out with sticks of madness. This man over here really needs to push that cigar stick up. He can’t manage to take a stick for a day. Anyway we still love this crazy bitch.

Here are post processed photos in a cinematic vibe while smoking, a lil dramatic right? No much to say about these photos. It says it all.

Photographed | Dexter Balita

Post Processed | James Makalintal

Model | Pael Balbaboco

Follow us here:

James Makalintal (jamesmitra.tumblr.com)

Pael Balbaboco (raphaelandthemachine.tumblr.com)

He’s a very nice bitch. He’s one of my fave blogger. Kaso he always deact his account and make new one. He’sa great manunulat. And a good photographer as well. And If mahilig talaga kayo sa mga blogs na puro babasahin.. oh edi follow nyo sya. Hahaha. Im sorry if puro reblogs nalang ako, so kung nagsasawa kayo sa ‘tumblr acct’, anjan ung blog ni pael. Basta basta, gusto ko sya as a friend, as a writer, as a blogger. yung blog nya talaga dati, kung sino man nakaabot nung pitongdipangtalangka, nakakatawa ung mga post don. Ang hahaba, about regla etc Hahahaha. Okay ang daldal ko na naman. Mwa